Great News (S01Ep09/10) “Carol Has a Bully”/”Carol’s Eleven” Season Finale

In the hour long season finale of Great News, Greg’s grandmother makes her fierce appearance to the The Breakdown and Katie breaks the biggest story of the year.

“Carol Has a Bully”

When Greg announces that his grandmother is coming, he not only fears her but warns everyone of her as she is the boss of the MMN. While there, she looks around and observes Greg on how he does being the boss of The Breakdown. She sees Katie talking back to Greg in front of her.

Meanwhile, after Katie learns that Carol has been skipping school, she tries to get her to study for her test and puts off investigating papers from Biscuit Blitz accounts. But when another network got the scoop, Greg is upset for her beefing it up.

After talking with Chuck about his grandmother at dinner, Greg shows his tough side to her and storms out of their dinner. The next day, his grandmother was so proud that she offered him the news division. As soon Carol ask Greg if she could stay working at the station even though she failed her final exam.

But Greg tells Carol that she was fired. Katie shows up and tells Greg that her mother has been a big part of this staff as their best friend and supporter. Greg decides to not fire Carol but fire Katie instead.

“Carol Has a Bully” was a good episode that show a lot of humorist moments from Carol and Katie rapping to study for Carol’s exam or when Carol was rapping to Katie about how she won’t help her mother. There were a lot of “beep you” after that one. Literally saying “beep.” I loved the parody British version of Shark Tank, Pond Scum. I’d watch that show over Shark Tank any day. Overall, I give this episode a 8/10.

“Carol’s Eleven”

With Katie being fired, she’s now staying with Carol. Carol tries to be tough but when she tries she sees  young Katie talking in a grown up Katie way.

Meanwhile, things aren’t going so well with the staff of The Breakdown as Greg’s grandmother’s changes aren’t going so well. Chuck reads off The Breakdown social media room ( I’ll call it the Yellow Room like The Today Show’s orange room), where he reads an insulting tweet. Plus, Portia now has to do product placements for all of Grandma’s stuff on the network, one that’s a hat with a birdcage hanging which will make a nice Kentucky Derby hat next year.

But when Katie watches Pond Scum on television, she hears what Greg’s grandmother says about a company one day will hack into their competition, which puts a light bulb on and runs to Greg, who’s in the hospital about it.

The two sets up a plan to make Greg’s grandmother spell the beans about her hacking project on television without her knowing about it. The devise a real Journalist Impossible meets Ocean’s 11 by using the max figure of Chuck while the real Chuck is up on the roof telling the real viewers about what’s going on. Greg’s grandmother will be watching the fake news in real time but soon she’ll figure it out and puts a stop to it, but really she was the one that got fooled as her phone was hacked thanks to Portia and Beth setting her up and Katie and crew got her confession. ,

At the end, Katie and Greg make up, by hugging and almost kissing each other until the crew came in and also wanted to kiss too since it’s a transitional British thing. One by one everyone got to hug and kiss Greg. And Carol was proud of Katie and two walk out as Carol still sees Katie as a child along with the other staff too.

“Carol’s 11” was a very good episode that wrapped up a really nice story arch of the hacking scandal. Everyone in the cast was so good that this was a very good ensemble cast performance. I do think that Katie and Greg’s moment will carry on, with that one moment. The writing was very good in this episode. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10. Overall this season, I give this season a 9/10. It was one of the best new comedies on television. I can’t wait to see where this show will go in the fall.

You can catch Great News in the fall Thursday nights at 8:30/7:30c after Will & Grace on NBC.