Baywatch (2017)

This movie I will have to admit it had its moments, but if your a fan of the old television series which this series is based off of. I would have to say at least give the film a chance, one thing from always looking at the trailers to this film I was hoping for them to do is bounce off of some of the traditional moments from the television series. Which they did in some scenes. Like the scene where C.J. (Kelly Rohrbach) runs on the beach in slow-motion having her boobs jump up and down. Well that scene is a traditional scene from the old television series where the character C.J. was played by Pamela Anderson and in the television series they would always have a scene with Pamela Anderson running in slow-motion with her boobs jump up and down (and I have a theory thats why it was mostly guys watching the series way back then).

I also like that this movie it finds a way to keep those traditional moments but make it kind of like a origin story of how Brody (Zac Efron) came to be a part of the team. Because in the old television series Brody was already a part of the team and they never explained how he became a part of the team. They just always showed him as a part of the team always helping team Baywatch solve the daily crimes that would happen. So for this film to actually show who Brody was before he joined the team it was nice, and Zac Efron I have never been that much of a fan of his but the movies I’ve always watched him in he’s always been able to play that douchebag kind of character. And thats the way how I felt Brody’s character was always like when he was being played by David Charvet in the old series.

Another thing I always heard that was going to happen but never had full confirmation until I saw the movie that David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson would return to be a part of the movie. And when I was watching the movie I was always curious when their characters would pop up. And eventually they did pop up although David Hasselhoff coming back as “Old” Mitch Buchannon trying to talk sense into present Mitch Buchannon (Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson). I feel like in this movie the name Mitch Buchannon is kind of like a mantle that is passed down from one attractive actor to another and now its up to Dwayne Johnson to keep that mantle with lots of puns and humor. Which I thought Dwayne Johnson did those things as the character and did a great job.

The synopsis of the movie is Mitch Buchannon (Dwayne Johnson) and a brash/selfish new recruit Brody (Zac Efron) uncover a criminal plot that threatens the future of the Bay. Now I mean that synopsis it almost describes the whole movie but the only thing is if you go by this synopsis and not see the movie then you are missing out on all of the laugh out loud humor and sarcasm and insults to one and the other happen in the film which makes the film hilarious. I would so recommend anyone to see the movie even if your not a fan of the old television series this movie is more of a fresh start for those that were never fans. Because like how I said this movie is treated as an origin story to how the team came together.

I also thought that this version of Victoria Leeds (Priyanka Chopra) did feel a bit forced in some parts of the film. They tried making her character like a rejected James Bond villain in my point of view. Reason I say that is because there were some parts of this film that it was made so easily to see that she was the bad guy of the movie this whole time. And when they make it to where an actress part is seemed like its forced upon them they try making their appearance for the final cut of the film as bad as possible in some parts. Until it comes to the reveal that makes you be all like “Oh Holy Shenanigans shes the real bad guy after all.” And then there are others who are just like “Yeah I could spot this like ever since she appeared in this film.” But maybe and this is just my opinion but maybe Priyanka Chopra should just focus on roles in television and not movies especially after how it seems that her character seemed forced in many ways. I mean after all I know shes always busy with the television series Quantico as a hero sort of character. With her playing bad guys/villains whatever you want to call them, it seems to not be her foray.

Going back to C.J. (Kelly Rohrbach) I have to admit I did love the comments that Summer (Alexandra Danddario) always made when C.J. in the film would run in slow-motion like how Summer says to Ronnie (Jon Bass) “Why does it always seem like shes running in slow motion.” and Ronnie makes the comment “You see it too” I mean that whole moment of that scene was hilarious or at least it was to me. And then later on in the film when they revealed Pamela Anderson’s character being the new head office boss of Baywatch bay lifeguards Casey Parker; which is C.J.’s mother. And Summer and Ronnie are all like “Oh my god, she’s moving in slow motion too” and C.J. fully embarrassed in her mother’s movements she makes the comment “just wait for it” as Casey Parker (Pamela Anderson) then swooshes her hair in slow motion to only say hi. Which the swooshing of the hair is another trademark of Pamela Anderson’s Baywatch television series years when she was younger on the show.

Overall this movie was really good, really funny and I would recommend you all to at least give this movie a try. The humor isn’t for everyone I understand that but it if your looking for a action/adventure/cop crime drama/comedy movie then this would be the film for you to see!

I rate this film: 4 1/2 out of 5 stars for great story telling and for keeping to the original character names which hardly happens in reboot/retelling of stories.

Baywatch is now in theaters!