Family Guy: (S15E19) “Dearly Deported”

In a play on the phrase, “Dearly Departed” the Dearly Deported is Isabella.  She’s a beautiful young Mexican girl, who meets Chris in the pool at a Theme Park. While swimming she loses her bra; and sees Chris tuck it away. She asks him to return it and picks it out from the many items in the same “container” …his shorts. I’m not calling this a “meet cute” it ‘s just too… “Giggity”

Encouraged by Stewie, Chris gets the strength to ask Isabella out on a date. She agrees. She also lets him know she has  2 children, twins.  Is this a problem?  Lois is concerned, yet he doesn’t care. She’s nice and …Hot!

Later that night, Isabella stops by to say goodbye.  She’s being deported and has to leave the country, like right now.  Chris steps up, volunteering to keep the babies, while she gets her affairs in order.  She’ll “be right back”

However, complications arise when Isabella’s aunt, long time recurring, “maid in hell”, Consuela the Incompetent, comes to the Griffins. “Isabella ain’t coming back!” Although she is family, she can’t care for her grand nephews, because she works 7 days a week as a housekeeper and CEO of …Yahoo! #sethcarpet

Lois is upset and rather than have Chris quit school (high school?) decides to take the babies to Mexico, since Isabella can not return #Roadtrip!

Isabella is found in a crime laden area, too dangerous for family. So Lois volunteers to bring Isabella back to the USA; through the backdoor

Along the way, Quagmire shows up in a plane, they’re high jacked, coyotes threaten and Chris is bitten. He lives.  

They’re in Texas, when Consuela saves the day.  They thought they were still in Mexico. Some would agree.

It was a good episode showing the growth of Chris, in particular. He stepped up when needed and backed away with an equal understanding; like an adult.

It also took a light jab at the current issues of deportation and borders.  When do you know you’re “not in Kansas, anymore?”

This is the journey of the Dearly Deported, part one of Season 15, Family Guy finale