Family Guy: (S15E20) “A House Full of Peters”

In part 2 of the season 15 finale; “Picture this”…(Ma Petrillo voice) a world of every race, creed, color, national origin, with a Peter Griffin double chinned face, body, voice, buzzing fly laughter and flatulence that communicates with Space Aliens. WHAT?!! Chilling, innit?! And the numbers appear to be infinite. 

Lois discovers that before they were married, Peter sold sperm. At first he wanted to remain anonymous, yet she talks him into opening his files for those who may want to make communicate.  In what seems like the next day, their front yard is covered with Griffins, all looking for their pops, all looking like Peter.  #minime 

Getting acquainted, they backyard bar b que.  Larry reminds Lois of Peter as a young man (like the entire yard) and they’re mutually attracted. They kiss and during a back rub, Peter catches them, when Larry is trying to undo Lois’ bra with his teeth, 

In Peter fighting the chicken style, they rumble.  Young Pete is winning the fisticuffs (kicking Pops arse) when Lois knocks out Larry to save her husband.  It’s worth noting, all the children, even the regular 3, just watched.

Peter decides to rid all future residuals (sperm) in the sink.  As the camera pans a sewer, down below; we see under ground creatures, like alligators. And with a buzzing fly laugh and Peter’s features; they talk! Disgusting &… disgusting! ‘Clearly an episode supporting birth control.

The End; till the next…