Bull: (S01E23) “Benevolent Deception” Season Finale

It’s the first season’s finale.  With 23 episodes complete; I’m giving it a 4/5. The arrival of Jp Nunnelly (Eliza Dushku) coulda’ been earlier in the season for the 5. 

At a kid’s party, the DEA makes an arrest, after searching the home of Cecilia Novak (Stacy Roca) a dental assistant, church going, single mother of Peter, 10 years old.  

Six (6) kilos of heroin are found under Cecilia’s house.  She’s charged with possession and  drug trafficking.  Jp calls in her 2nd favor from Bull

Bull boards a jet with Jp; a private jet for their meeting.  The jet is the property of Cecilia’s brother, Leo (Evan Leone). Bull surmises Leo is actually the drug trafficker, and he (Bull) “don’t do drugs!” He gets up, prepared to jump (off the case)

Jp has to beg him not to.(jump) She makes promises; ”Just stick with me”. She believes in Cecilia’s innocence.  He doesn’t jump. He can’t resist. It’s something about her face and the way she looks at him that’s… ♡♡♡ She tells him, he should stop looking at her!♡ #cute

Cecilia has no home, everything is seized by the authorities, so they meet on a small…yacht! It belongs to Leo, who claims she/he is being set up by a rival drug cartel. Someone called the DEA with a tip of the drugs location.  Bull feels the answer is with the anonymous caller

The Silens from Haiti & Leo’s crew, The Baski from Croatia are fighting in the streets.  People are scared.  Miami is a war zone. This makes it difficult to select a jury, yet they do; an Anonymous jury. They’re behind a screen. For the first time, Bull can’t see their faces to do his thing!  He decides to use voice syntax.  

Jp continues to believe in her client’s innocence and refuses to consider a deal. All signs point to the jury not believing her, non involvement.  After all, “if you run with Jesse James, it’s believed you rob banks”  right?!

Bull approaches Cecilia on the DL, wanting her to consider a deal & moreso, flip on Leo! She refuses in a very naïve and misguided loyalty.  Jp slaps him, for going behind her back!

Nevertheless,  they continue to pursue the anonymous caller as the key to “the set up” Eureka!… and Marissa finds it!  It’s Peter, Cecilia’s  son. He’s a perfect voice match for his age, although the recording is distorted.  Peter called 911 and he knows who put the drugs under the house & it wasn’t Silens. Leo broke his promise!

And then, what follows is one of the best laid smoke and mirrors, theatrics and cut up of the Bull season.  It was so smooth, even Jp wanted to know, “what the hell just happened?, as Cecilia is acquitted on a “technicality”

Jp was kept in the dark, apparently for her own good as Bull just needed to get the job done.  Benevolent Deception.  She knows something went down, yet because it worked out for her personally, she let it slide.

 Jp- I don’t know what to do with you.
Bull- Well I can think of a few things; but you don’t want to hear them.
Jp- Later Gator.
Bull- In a while, Crocodile

I hope so! “💯”