Empire: (S03E18) “Toil and Trouble” Finale,Part 2

It’s the season’s finale and we’re still in Vegas. 

The helicopter lands atop of “da’club”  & Leah talks with Lucious on the phone. She’s at the Lyons’ Den on what amounts to “time out”  for “putting steel in the skull of your enemy”, murdering Tariq. Still no words have I for this act of… Nevertheless,

The body of Tariq is still in the house. It looks like the same room of Leah’s time out. Everything is at a stand still, until Lucious, ‘figures out what to do” Yet no problem…. 

Mama’s still in the zone of delusion and deceit, so she calls Boo Boo (Anika) to pick up her mail.  So of course, Anika goes to the house.  (And we all know what’s next… right?)  

At Leah’s insistence, Anika uses the murder weapon aka the letter opener, to open her mail. Leah snickers. Yes, Leslie Uggams is playing the criminal mind of mental illness with perfection!  Brava!

Yet before her arrest, Anika is followed to the home of the Dubois’, by Hakeem. He finds Bella. Yes, Anika knew!  Mama Dubois is willing to reunite the family, if the parents, particularly Hakeem is willing to pay a price. He promises; “stay tuned” 

Further down the road @ Laviticus New York; Warren (somebody) sings a Jamal song during open mic. 

He sings, “Born to Love You”  like he was singing to Jamal. He was!  He’s Warren Dubois (Terrell Carter)

 Jamal gives Warren  the look of “ I like a lot”  Success! It’s part of the Dubois’ clap back. They don’t scream, they scheme.  Sly, slick and wicked! 

Meanwhile, back in Vegas, Andre meets Franco. “The Demolition Man” “Push the button, it goes Boom!!!” Making his daddy issues truly explosive! On the other hand,  Charlotte warns,” if there’s ANY thug ruckus, Empire is done!”

Cookie still wants Lucious; how disappointing.  Yet her pining pays off when Lucious drops Guiliana. He’s apparently recouped his $10M & his lost opportunity, (she stole) years ago! He now has what he wants in Vegas & it ain’t her!  He declares Cookie the love of his life. Guisi tells him to watch his back! 

Cookie calls Shine, calling off the “thug ruckus”. They release “Cooucious” to the roaring crowd and Lucious sings (to Cookie) During this time I’m wondering; did they tell Andre?  Where is he?

Well Andre is doing Charlotte in her office on her desk. He shares he has a video of their coitus, in the midst of her heat and dishevel.  She slaps him. He laughs.

On a positive, Lucious’ consciousness and awareness appears to be evolving…albeit slowly. He asks Cookie to see the world with him, & he gives the keys to the Kingdom to Andre;  releasing the Empire to him.  “It’s all yours!” He claims he wants to break the cycle. 

Andre’s to take Empire to the next level, with the artistic support of his brothers.  

Lucious also admits he was afraid of him. He’s unstoppable. He’s proud of his first born.   And then, arm in arm; “Cooucious has left the building”

Andre hangs his head & then runs to stop Shine. Where’s Franco?!  Shine says “No!” It’s still on!  Andre runs screaming, “get away from the car!” as it blows up!  #BOOM

And then, 3 months later in a hospital bed, lays a comatose Lucious. He’s surrounded by family and a nurse showing inappropriate behavior (Demi Moore) to “Dwight”

Lucious wakes up & doesn’t remember anything. I laughed; sometimes, I wish…

Overall it was a good finale. A 2 parter that’ lays the ground work for good story arcs, should they choose to explore ’em, in the fall. So until the next…

“That’s All Folks!”