Arrow: (S05E22) “Missing” and (S05E23) “Lian Yu”

If I had to describe the episode from the previous week I would have used the term ‘predictable’. Adrian Chase (Josh Segarra) was yet again 50 steps ahead of Oliver, beating him, even though he wasn’t even a free man. Hilarious. I do like the fact that Chase didn’t give in so easily and he didn’t go down without a fight, though. Even though that fight lacked originality.

The episode brought in a lot of old characters. Katie Cassidy was back, portraying Black Siren. Evelyn (Madison McLaughlin) was back as well, then Merlyn (John Barrowman), Nyssa (Katrina Law), who just has to be one of the most badass characters on TV, EVER … And we even got a snippet of Shado and her dad. Then the episode ended with Deathstroke (Manu Benett). It felt like a happy reunion with unicorns and rainbows.

OK, scratch that. Adrian ruined the entire celebration. Oh, man!

He kidnapped Oliver’s team and even his son, forcing him to work with Malcolm and Nyssa instead to fight the evil. And they all landed on Lian Yu. It feels like this island is almost a resort for Oliver, since he keeps going back to it every season. He even ended up asking Deathstroke for help, which is kind of hilarious to anyone that remembers the previous seasons. Deathstroke wasn’t supposed to work alongside Arrow ever since he was the villain of one certain season. It was nice seeing him, though. And while that decision is kind off weird and out of the blue, another thing that I like about Arrow is the fact that they always take care of their previous characters and they give them screen-time whenever they can.

Sure, I’d like to get rid of any and all Katie Cassidy characters (simply because it feels like everyone behind Arrow worships the actress). Same thing goes to Malcolm Merlyn, who they keep using for different storylines, but he NEVER fits in. While the actor is awesome, it’s obvious that they no longer know what to do with this character. But otherwise I’m quite content and happy.

Then there was the season finale of the show from this week.

Which was … Absolutely epic! It had hundreds of twists. I felt like a watcher of a sport’s game. I had no idea what the score is. One time, Oliver and his team were winning and the next time, Chase swept them off their feet and did something none of them could have predicted.

Truth be told, anyone but Chase almost came off as stupid in this episode, because the characters highly underestimated him and thought the escape and the win would have been sweet and easy. He is by far the smartest villain of Arrow, so OF COURSE he wouldn’t go down without a fight.

Through the episode, it was a battle and Merlyn seemed to sacrifize himself. Well … Every fan of supernatural shows knows that as long as you don’t see the body, the character isn’t dead. So, anything is possible. ESPECIALLY with this show. However, truth be told? I wouldn’t mind if they finally decided to kill him off. Yes, I love the actor, like I’ve said in this review already, but they’ve run out of ideas what to do with the character, which is obvious and it will be a low hit for the show if they keep him.

In the end, Chase gave Oliver a chance of either saving his son or the rest of the team. Oliver thought he could have had it all (*rolling in the deep*), but Chase killed himself and by that, he activated countless of explosives on the island.

And that’s that. We know Oliver is alive, we also know William is … The team was trying to escape the island, but before all of this happened, they had issues with the plane, so … Anyone might be dead up to this point. Seriously anyone.

Giving the fact that our Olicity feelings exploded when Felicity gave a big goodbye kiss to Oliver, it would really stink if that was the end for them.

The explosives made this season finale the second best one of the show, if not THE best one. I just hope the writers and producers carry this through in the 6th season. If everybody ends up living and/or that doesn’t make sense … It will be annoying.

With that …  The season is done. See you next time!