Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales (2017)

Yo-ho, Yo-ho a pirates life for me! Everyone who knows the Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise should know that song. But I have to say I was deeply satisfied with this 5th film of the movie franchise. I will get to in a moment of why I was so deeply satisfied with this new entry into the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. All what I will say for right now is that this film in many ways had the same feel as the 1st film did maybe thats because they brought back the supernatural and mythical aspects of the treasure hunting. But in any case it literally made it have the same vibe of the first film and as a fan of these films it made me happy to see they were having the films go back into the Gore Verbinski style of filming for a Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

Now one thing that made me deeply satisfied with this film is that they brought back the old hate rivalry between Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) and Hector Barbossa (Geoffrey Rush) which was always a beauty to have in the Pirates of the Caribbean films. But somewhere down the line they didn’t succeed in showing that in the 4th film (which is titled ‘On Stranger’s Tide’). Like I said I’m glad they brought that back in this film it was so nice to see Barbossa trying to be that old friend but mostly arch enemy to Jack Sparrow. Another thing I’m glad they brought back that was lacked in the 4th film was Jack Sparrow’s womanizing, it made me laugh so much because when Jack Sparrow does it, he does it with a kind of classy but also humorous way that he knows will make higher political figures (who he hates anyway) hate him more.

Another thing that deeply satisfied me was they brought back the original power couple which are Will Turner (Orlando Bloom) and Elizabeth Swann (Keira Knightley). I mean sure they weren’t in the full film due to filming scheduling with the actors and you can’t ever replace the actors of those two with anyone else. I’m sorry but you just can’t, those two are just so amazing together on film. I also really loved that they had Will and Elizabeth’s son Henry (Brenton Thwaites) on this film too, that kid just brought a whole new flair to the Turner family’s legacy on the film’s franchise. Even though Henry Turner is the main man of this story with his love interest Carina Smyth (Kaya Scoldelario), I also loved how Henry and Jack Sparrow both interacted with each other like how Jack and Will did in the first 3 films that also made the humor come back in many ways.

I know this film had to go through a lot of rewrites and reshooting on the sets and it was able to be shown but at the same time I’m really glad they did do those reshoots and rewrites to the script because like how I said before it gave it that vibe from the 1st film (which is titled ‘Curse of the Black Pearl’). And thats a really good thing especially after that 4th film. Now don’t get me wrong the 4th film did have its moments with adventure and mystery like how any pirate film should have. But when its Pirates of the Caribbean and most of the books and stories from Disney are based around paranormal/supernatural curses and activity happening with their own twist and turns to make it have that mystery in wondering what will our anti-hero Jack Sparrow do to save the day or save his own self from almost dying again.

Now if you haven’t seen the other films this film definitely wont make sense especially with the first moments of the film where we have Young Henry Turner (Lewis McGowan) at the age of 12 preparing to go out to sea to try to kill himself only because he really wants to see his father Captain Will Turner (Orlando Bloom) again. Once Henry is saved by the Flying Dutchman ship and is brought upon the sight of his father. Henry doesn’t care, he sees him still as his father, sea shelled skin and all. Will tells Henry he is going to throw him off the ship before the others try making him a passenger. But before Henry leaves he tells Will he’s going to search for the trident of Poseidon to release him from his curse of the Flying Dutchman. When Henry mentions getting the help from Jack, Will demands for Henry to stay away from Jack and to never go looking for the trident. Will had accepted his fate being cursed forever to the ship.

The film then does a time jump to nine years later which makes Henry now 21 years old still looking for the trident but while serving the navy. When the navy then chases a ship of pirates at sea, Henry tries explaining to the captain to not go into the “Devil’s Triangle” which is pretty much the bermuda triangle but with a more evil title in this film. Over stepping his ground Henry is then imprisoned on the ships jail cell. Once the navy’s ship entered the triangle it gets attacked by specter Captain Salazar (Javier Bardem) which comes into the scene with his hair moving in motion almost like the sea swaying back in forth. Salazar slaughters all the navy’s men on the ship and goes to Henry to ask him about Jack Sparrow. Salazar tells Henry he always leaves one man alive when he slaughters everyone so that one will always be able to tell the tale because “dead men tell no tales”. Salazar then gives Henry the message to tell Jack Sparrow!

I will admit this though the film’s villain Captain Salazar was definitely played well by Javier Bardem. A lot of people didn’t understand why Bardem had a breathing problem sound effect added whenever he finished speaking or moving. But I could understand it I mean his character is dead and has a small hole in the neck area which could possibly create a breathing problem if it was severe damage to that area. But Javier Bardem made a fantastic villain in my opinion.

The score to the music was even fantastic even though this score was scored by Geoff Zanelli whose a protege to Hanz Zimmer. And Hanz Zimmer couldn’t make it to score this films music so he left it to the only one he knew would do a great job. And he did a phenomenal job, that theme to Captain Salazar, man you can hear and feel the evil villainous vibe coming from that theme. Jack Sparrow’s theme is always a great theme to hear in any Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

Overall I would have to say this film was fantastic and I would definitely see it again and again. I would definitely recommend this film to anyone especially if you have seen the other 4 films. If you haven’t seen the other 4 films, I would recommend watching those first before seeing this film.

I would rate this film 5/5 stars

Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales is now out in theaters!