Ash vs Evil Dead (S01E09) “Bound in Flesh”

Fisher lies motionless, her eyes wide open as she is impaled on the deer antlers looking at the ceiling. Pablo and Kelly are staring at her lifeless body in disbelief. Out of nowhere, we hear a loud crash and two Ashes come rolling into the room. They are locked in mortal combat.

Startled at the sight before them, Pablo fires several shots into the air to get the two El Jefes attention. They stop rumbling and start trying to convince the Ghostbeaters to shoot the impostor. Of course, this is one of the oldest conventions in the history of entertainment but we gamely go along with it.

Each Ash tries to outsmart the other by saying only things that the real Ash would say. One of the twins tells private stories that only Kelly and Pablo would know. After a quick confab, they take out the evil fake clone. When Ash questions them as to how they knew it was him, Pablo says, “the subtle racism” and Kelly chimes in with “you took the easy way out of dealing with everything.”

Ash fires up his chainsaw getting ready to carve up the bodies when they hear a noise outside. It turns out the campers from last week’s episode, Brad, his wife and Heather are in need of a place to crash for the night. Of course, Ash is against this idea from the get go. As he so eloquently explains, “They will get possessed and then it will be the night train to Killadelphia.”

Rather than have the trio spend the night at the cabin, at Ash’s urging, Kelly and Pablo lead the campers on a trail to Elk Rapids toward civilization. While they are gone, Ash intends to slice and dice Fisher and his evil clone. So, the Ghostbeaters and the campers set off.

Heather and Pablo are getting to know one another better. She asks him if he has a girlfriend. Pablo seems confused by the question. He gets even more confused when she tells him that Kelly gave her that answer. A loud rustling in the woods is heard and Heather grabs Pablo’s hand just in time for Kelly to notice.

This next scene is highly amusing and one of the reasons why this show is a constant delight. In true Raimi “splatstick” fashion, Ash starts to slice up his clone to the strains of Bill Withers’ “Just the Two of Us.” As he carves Evil Ash into bits, the blood starts flowing toward the Necronomicon which is on the floor.

Once the book “tastes” the blood, it starts to come alive. The next thing we know, the book is talking to Ash. It starts telling him not to bury it. Instead, the book wants him to use it. It tries to convince him that without it, Ash will cease to be special. He will just be a failure. They go back and forth for a while until Ash tosses it in the refrigerator with the line, “Play’s over, Shakespeare.” He goes back to the living room to dispense of Fisher but her body is gone.

Meanwhile back in the woods, Pablo confronts Kelly about telling Heather that he had a girlfriend. He asks why she did that. Kelly responds by telling Pablo that she isn’t good enough for him. She also tells him that he shouldn’t get involved with anyone because they will end up dying. Pablo begins to protest but this is interrupted by something growling in the bushes.

Kelly and Pablo warn everyone to stay back. They start blasting the bushes until it is revealed that they have killed a racoon. Without warning, a hand punches through the stomach of Brad’s wife. While everyone is in shock and screaming, we notice it is a demonic Fisher behind the action.

The Ghostbeaters start firing their weapons but manage to miss her. Brad launches a flare that sails past Fisher. She grabs him and turns him into a meat puppet. Fisher uses Brad and his wife as a shield. Kelly and Pablo do their best to try and shoot her. They fail.

Fisher sets her sights on Heather. Heather starts running through the woods. She doesn’t get far until Fisher shows up in front of her. Fisher starts slashing and cutting Heather up. Before she can do anything drastic, Pablo shows up to stop the action. Fisher picks Heather up and hurls her against a tree causing a compound fracture to Heather’s leg.

In a feat of aerial acrobatics worthy of Spiderman, Ruby appears jumping from out of nowhere. Startling Fisher and everyone with this display, Fisher begins telling Ruby that Ash made her into a Deadite. Kelly countermands by saying it isn’t true. Ruby is about to settle the dilemma with the Kandarian dagger but is thwarted when Heather lets out a howling cry of pain upon seeing her damaged leg.

Fisher flees into the woods. Annoyed, Ruby starts dismantling the bodies with the dagger much to the horror of the Ghostbeaters and Heather. She proceeds to tell them that Ash must give her the book in order for the mayhem to stop.

Will Fisher find Ash before Ruby? Can Ruby persuade Ash to let her have the Necronomicon or will he bury it in the cellar? Will the chaos and Deadites really go away? Find your answers to all these questions by grabbing the Starz app free trial or another streaming service to enjoy this episode and more!