Lucifer (S02E18) “The Good, The Bad, The Crispy”

Amenadiel finds out that he’s Dad’s favorite by discovering that God gave him the key to the Flaming Sword which kinda puts Lucifer’s nose out of joint causing him to hurt his brother’s feelings. So Amenadiel goes off to think about things. Charlotte needs help getting rid of Chet’s body and staples herself together to keep her divinity within her human body. Chloe and Lucifer get a case where they find Chet’s body with his head black and crispy. Chloe informs Chet’s brother about his death and the brother vows he will get justice. Charlotte goes to Dr. Linda for medical attention accidentally burning a hole in the wall. Linda uses the magic of duct tape to keep the Goddess from falling apart. Linda thinks Lucifer stabbed Charlotte which takes Charlotte off guard that she would ask that. Amenadiel tries to work out his issues through improv with Dan but he’s a little too dark. Still, Dan is very supportive. Lucifer stops by Linda’s office only to find that Charlotte is already there. He sees the large burnt mark on the wall and realizes that Charlotte murdered Chet (albeit accidentally). He tries to figure out how to keep Chloe from figuring the case out. Lucifer then goes to Maze who is playing doctor with Trixie and hires her to bounty hunt Amenadiel. Then Lucifer goes to the precinct to see if he can slow down Ella’s forensic discoveries. However he just ends up giving her an idea to look at satellite images to help discover who moved Chet’s body.


Maze finds Amenadiel at Dan’s improv class but he refuses to tell her where he hid the key. So she knocks him out. Lucifer and Chloe find a van was there where Chet’s body was dumped and find two girls who clean up crime scenes. One of them is the culprit despite their innocent protesting. Lucifer has his mother at Lux and when Amenadiel wakes up they argue about where the key is. Amenadiel has regained his faith in God and has decided to become the loyal good soldier again to stop his Mother’s plans to destroy Father. Lucifer only plans to shove Mom back into Heaven and let her and Dad duke it out but Amenadiel thinks that’s worse. Maze tells them that Charlotte is gone. Charlotte goes to Linda’s with a bottle of wine but the visit is far from pleasant. She threatens Linda’s life if she doesn’t tell her what Lucifer is up to. Uh Oh. Chloe finds another dead body with a burnt head. The other cleaner was hired to clean up the body but she won’t say who afraid for her life. Charlotte surprises Lucifer and Amenadiel at Lux and is angry for being deceived. She loses control when Lucifer suggests she move on back to Hell to actually run it. Sounds reasonable but Charlotte is determined to get back home. Amenadiel refuses to give Mom the key saying she would have to kill him. Instead Charlotte tries a different approach. Chloe discovers that Charlotte did indeed murder Chet and goes to look for her finding her at a carnival on the pier. Dan is there as back up. Charlotte calls Lucifer and threatens Chloe’s life if he doesn’t give her the Flaming Sword. Charlotte then gives Dan a kiss goodbye calling him her favorite human.


Lucifer calls Amenadiel and begs him to tell him where he hid the key. Lucifer finds that Amenadiel hid the key in Dan’s pants (insert inappropriate penis joke here). Charlotte and Chloe talk on the pier where Chet’s brother shows up with a gun pointed at Charlotte saying his plan was always to get revenge for his family. Lucifer shows up begging Charlotte to let Chloe go. Maze and Amenadiel rush to Linda’s office to find her close to death. Maze wants to take her to the hospital but Amenadiel sees that her wounds are too severe and she’ll never make it. Maze doesn’t want her friend to die so Amenadiel finds the strength to stop time to save her. Around this time Chet’s brother fires his gun at Charlotte and Chloe fires her gun and time slows down long enough for Lucifer and Charlotte to get out of the way and jump down to the beach. Lucifer puts the sword together and tells Charlotte that he can’t let her go back to Heaven. Instead he says she needs to move forward and cuts a rift in the universe revealing an empty space so she can create her own universe. Charlotte agrees saying goodbye to her son forever. The Goddess exits stage right leaving Charlotte’s body behind then time moves normal again. At first they think Charlotte is dead but the human Charlotte is alive and has no idea what has happened to her. Awkward! Chloe’s bullets his Chet’s brother. Turns out he was the one who murdered the other cleaner so the cops would lead him to the culprit. Chloe tells Lucifer that he can tell her anything because they’ve known each other for a while and should be able to trust each other. Lucifer goes to visit Linda who is recovering in the hospital. Linda says that she won’t stop being Lucifer’s psychiatrist. This prompts Lucifer to move forward with Chloe by telling her the truth about him by showing her his true self this time. However, he is knocked out and left shirtless in the middle of the desert… with his glorious white wings!


A++! Don’t know if that’s a real grade but who cares it’s well deserved! This show gets better with each episode and season 3 is right around the corner with a new mystery: how did the Devil get his wings back and why is he out in the desert???