Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (S03Ep05/06) “Kimmy Steps on a Crack”/”Kimmy is a Feminist”

“Kimmy Steps on a Crack”

When Kimmy goes out to get Titus some medicine, she gets taken by the FBI as they need her help with a friend of hers.

In Episode 5, “Kimmy Steps on a Crack,” Kimmy is takes by the FBI to help stop Gretchen as she has developed her own cult full of young boys. Kimmy tires to talk to her and at times gets interrupted by the boys are so at time doing stupid boy things. Three of them glue their junk together. Let’s just say that Gretchen got so crazy that it was close to being Waco.

Meanwhile, As Titus is sick with apparently scurvy, he’s waiting for Kimmy to get back but ask Lillian to take care of him. She takes him to a near by store where they don’t sell any kind of food to rebuild their health, unless you want a frozen box of salad that’s filled with chunks. As Titus gets worst, he slips up by saying that he had to eat someone on the cruise and stops there. It seems that we might be getting close to why he was washed ashore in the beginning of the season.

There were many hilarious scenes in this episode from watching Kimmy take down the FBI to when her and Gretchen reaction to the boys coming in and out of their room. I did love watching Titus and Lillian in this episode. They had some hilarious moments in this episode. The Jacqueline and Duke storyline was okay. I did find it hilarious watching Jacqueline and Russ’ grandmother make her famous corn casserole. Overall, I give this episode a 8/10.

“Kimmy is a Feminist”

As Kimmy runs and parties with college girls, Jacqueline deals with Duke again.

As Kimmy explores Columbia University after getting a free scholarship, she bumps into Perry, who i shocked that she’s going to Columbia. After the two talked, the girls think that he was ghosting Kimmy and try to show her what being a feminist is about, for that propose it didn’t end well. Kimmy realizes that the boy that wanted to kiss her was only 17 years old and not only a baby but everyone at the party that she was were babies too.

She bumps into Perry again and the two kind a hit it off as friend, but when he tells her what he wanted to do for a living that he was going to be a Reverend, Kimmy freaks out and pushes him away.

Meanwhile, Jacqueline is dealing with Duke after he kissed her. He comes over and tries to get the fire going, but she calls for reinforcement aka Titus for help, which turned okay til Duke thinks that Titus is really after Jacqueline.

Not only was this hilarious but it was literally the funniest storyline in the episode, as both Titus and Duke battle it for Jacqueline’s love. And not to mention Lillian comes in as well. Probably doesn’t do a lot in the episode but hey she still makes me laugh.

Josh Charles and Titus Burgess are hilarious in this episode. I laughed so hard when Titus called Duke a “Patrick Wilson look-alike” and falls down after drinking a couple of shots. And even the two tackling each other was another.

Overall, I give this episode a 8.5/10.

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