Animal Kingdom (S02E01) “Eat What You Kill”

animal kingdom season 2 tnt edit may 31 17 - Animal Kingdom (S02E01) “Eat What You Kill”

How things have changed since we have seen the Cody family last season. There have been deaths in the family way, (Catherine). Pope dealing with the consequences that come with her death… Smurf getting her revenge on the man who killed her mother! There have been profound changes in some of the main players too, Pope, Deran, Craig and even “J”. We see a shift in the power paradigm between Smurf and her boys. This indeed has laid the foundation nicely for season 2! Shall we get started? So much to discuss…

The show picks up from last season showing the California surfer crime family, doing what they do best: a heist. When things go south, the safe is basically empty, someone has to take the blame and who would that be? Smurf. You can immediately notice that “J” has become hardened by the life, he is also not the same kid that we saw last season. He is more street-wise, smarter and savvy as ever.

They boys all go back to the house and it’s time for some hard-line negotiations. We must not forget who we are dealing with here though, Janine “Smurf” Cody. She is not only a survivor, a thriver but a TOTAL BOSS LADY. These boys need to remember that. She is like a master puppeteer when it comes to them, dangling them by the strings, getting them to do her bidding…

Beyond the chaos and the family madness, there is more going on then we know. It seems like “J” is sizing everyone up and feeling them out. Almost as if he is looking for the winner amongst the spoils. (I think it will be him in the end. Self-preservation. “Survival of the Fittest” His family is ultimately toxic, even if he does love them.) It makes one wonder… If his interaction with his uncle’s and father were foretelling. He gauged them well. Uncle Deran is saving money to get his bar. Will he totally walk away from the life? Most likely, it seems like Deran has even had his fill.

Craig, seems to be caught up in his own world. It’s not that he doesn’t care, but he, like Pope, is another gruntman. He thinks that going with Deran and starting their own business will be the right idea? Um, let’s see how that story goes Craig. I think Deran is out and you should partner up with your brother on the bar. (Just as Deran mentions to you.)

It seems that Baz has the chip on his shoulder though, why doesn’t he take care of Lena or accept that “J” is his son? I say this is because Smurf has spoiled Baz beyond the comprehension, giving him a “free pass” on not taking any responsibility. While that was regularly passed to Pope. Baz seems to come and go as he pleases, going for the biggest risks, letting the others deal with the grunt work and consequences. Again, last night he goes for the prettiest girl in the bar and Pope wants to discuss business. Only to be turned down later by her after they have sex for the stupidest reason. Baz is too cocky & that is a weakness. A fatal flaw Surely, J will catch onto his father.

Pope is the most tortured of the bunch, who carries the world on his shoulders. Yes, he clearly has resentment issues but they are brought on by what he has done to protect his family foremost and himself. He would be the most logical choice to go with at this point in the story, right now. It seems that time teaches you things and you learn hard lessons of pain, truth, love, forgiveness and profound sadness. Yet his character can be very dark as he tries to be a better man. He warns J about what their family is really about that the end of the episode. “Just be careful man.” If I were you, J, I’d take Pope’s word.


smurf thinks animal kingdom s2e1 tvfanatic credit may 31 17 - Animal Kingdom (S02E01) “Eat What You Kill”

We are left with some major questions regarding Smurf. Who is Javier? Why in the hell did he show up at her house? Why was she going to kill him? And can someone tell me who Manny is? Why is Smurf paying for him to be cared for? Smurf is like an enigma to me. But I can’t help but love her. We are always finding out something new. One thing for sure, we know she loves J and will do anything to protect him.  He is like her younger Baz. Anyone else feel that way? Or do you think it’s because of the guilt of her daughter’s death? Her love for her? As we wait for next week’s episode, titled: Karma. You know what they say about that…

In close, Ellen Barkin and Sean Hatosy, brought their A game and gave a stellar performances last night. The cast is top-notch, it seems as the plot is being peeled open, layer by layer. We learn something new with every episode.  Everyone needs to watch ‘Animal Kingdom’, if they aren’t already.


Eat What You Kill Random Thoughts:

J, should always be wary of people giving gifts. (Smurf giving you a credit card with no limit?)


“At least everybody still likes the meatloaf.” (At the family meeting to discuss family business.)

“May we all get what we want and never what we deserve.” (BEST QUOTE EVER, BOSS LADY!)


Until next week, I hope you enjoyed my blog.