The Originals (S0409) “Phantomesque”

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This episode was a absolutely moving and magnificently written story by Kyle Arrington and K.C. Perry.  Directed by our very own Daniel J. Gillies.  Y’all get a standing ovation all around.  We once more get a glimpse inside Elijah’s mind, this time a shattered psyche. Shall we get started?

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Oh my gawd – What is happening?

We pan to the French Rivera where Beks and Kol are feasting at a party. Suddenly all of the vampires start desiccating and dying right in front of them. They put two and two together and it cannot be good. No, not at all… This can only mean one thing: Elijah’s sire line is dying and he must be as well… Straight like a bat out of  HELL, they are on their way to New Orleans. The pendant that Elijah’s mind is in is shattered, which means Elijah’s mind is broken. This is very bad news. Freya is frantically working to fix the pendant to bring him back. Hayley is there, Klaus is upset beyond words. They have no idea what Freya is made of though! TENACITY. She will save day for her brother if it’s the last thing she does…


Good News and Bad News, really? Who Cares.

We keep getting consecutive Josh sightings! BUT do we all really care if Vincent can save Sofya? NOPE. Marcel needs to start getting his priorities straight. There is a catch though: Marcel needs to bring Vincent the 1,500 year old HOLLA’s blood. Good luck with that Marcel. Truly, all the best. I do love the sage advice that Josh offers to Marcel. “Maybe you should consider reaching out to people just a little but more powerful than me.” (HINT. HINT. The Mikaelsons) After Olivia “Tierra” Robles shows up and Marcel takes a big ole bite out of her, guess what? It’s like poison to him! He immediately spits it out. Told you so… A little while later Beks and Klaus find him unconscience (from the poison)… He scoots on out of there with the weapon the thorns he took from witches. Only to meet up later and Beks has to be confronted with the news. “Her name is Sofya.”  (AWKWARD.) Marcel says. I guess you aren’t in love with Beks anymore? Kick his arse to the curb Miss. Mikaelson! #womanpower

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Klelijah moment from the coffin.

I just hope that Klaus can actually share these feeling with his big brother one day in person. “I never told you how much you meant to me. “You’ve been a redeemer, a confidante,  a mentor and a rival… and a friend. This will not be your end, I will not rest until I bring you back.” There is not even a second that passes by that Beks walks in the room followed shortly by Kol, that the gang is back together.  Now they must band together and save Elijah.

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Nothing like a little bit of: HOPE.

Freya went inside Elijah’s mind and we kind knew it wasn’t going to work out, right? She tries calling out to him in one of his memories. Remember “No on hurts my family and lives. No One.” (Agnes such a foolish witch.) Not deterred yet Freya goes to the next memory. “Gentlemen, shall we?” (When Elijah took on all those vampires?) It had to be Hayley who went in to save him from the RED DOOR. “Nobodies closer to Elijah than I am.” Hayley. You know there is always a Catch 22 to things of this nature: Freya and Hope need to do the spell! Yes, little Miss. Hope Mikaelson. Hayley at first questions why her daughter must be apart of this, but no one is as powerful as her. Hope is the KEY. They all start chanting together doing the spell and Hayley is inside Elijah’s mind.

Red Door Chapter II

Hayley finally enters inside Elijah’s mind, the first memory she sees, is their reunion after 5 years of being apart. This is one of Elijah’s most treasured memories, because it’s the first one we see. You can see and feel the unflinching love and unbreakable bond between them. “You’re here.” Elijah “I missed you.” Hayley (As Hayley is watching this all from afar) Hayley calls out to Elijah in this dream sequence, “Elijah, it’s me.” He is looking around and he doesn’t seem to see her. “LOOK AT ME.” Hayley says (He is almost looking at a downward angle, what does he see?) Then he is gone… Hayley exits and is walking thru the long hallway again… We know what door Hayley has to find him in… The RED DOOR! We see dead people everywhere, Hayley comes face to face with ‘”Red Door Elijah”. He is chasing her down. Why is she running from him? Elijah sees Hayley or we should say (Tatia) in this moment in the woods. This is the moment when they finally catch up to each other. (Hope couldn’t see what was happening inside the Red Door, she only saw her bleeding & fidgeting inside the Spell Circle & sensed that Hayley was inside & in danger.) My question is that has Hayley forgotten she is a hybrid? (SERIOUSLY with SARCASM ADDED) Secondly, why wouldn’t she keep calling out to Elijah and saying “It’s me, Hayley!!” Until maybe she reached him, even though he was in this different state of mind and lifetime? Did she suddenly forget his mind was broken? Wouldn’t common sense prevail? I love Hayley and I love Haylijah, but this part of the scene irked me a bit. I thought is was totally hypocritical. She is a monster herself and has said so to Elijah. SO, coming off with this holier than thou attitude to Elijah while trying to go and save him, when he has done nothing but save her repeatedly is just rich. I mean Hayley needs to remember everything and all the things Elijah has done to be with her and show his undying love. The next thing you know, Freya and Hope repaired the pendant, Hayley and Hope were back. There was so much more work to do in getting Elijah back though… We have to wait and see what happens between these two, they were made for more than this.  The HOLLA’s plans & actions are definitely testing them. But Elijah & Hayley, your love is stronger than all that & your bond is unbreakable.

Sisters talking about their brother and possible body-swapping. NOPE.

Beks asks Freya about dropping Elijah into another body, maybe? (As every single Daniel Gillies/Elijah Mikaelson fan threatens a protest!) Thankfully, Freya says Elijah has to remain in his body. It’s going to take a big sacrifice to get him out. We are talking a sacrifice of the HOLLA kind. If they have to choose in battle to save a brother or Marcel, Freya wants Rebekah to know there is no choice. Marcel could very well be a casuality…

Did someone say ancestors?

While Klaus, Kol and Beks are interrogating the vampires that are under the HOLLA’s control, Kol finds out an important piece of info. That no one can stop The HOLLA! Not them and not The Ancestors. HOLD UP!! WAIT A MINUTE. (That means, Davina Claire, the love of Kol Mikaelson’s life.) He wants answers and he wants them now… Klaus tries to warn Kol that Davina has changed and it’s not for the better. Hum, not that Kol cares anyway, he is next resident bad boy to Klaus… Kol wants to make a deal with the Harvest witches, dark objects in exchange to speak to his love Davina Claire… Wow, so while strolling thru the graveyard, Kol puts a white rose on Davina’s gravestone. LET’S TWIST AGAIN: HOLLA SHOWS UP. If he wants Davina back, he pledges his loyalty to HER . Why do I get the feeling this is going to end really BAD.



Phantomesque Quotes and random thoughts:

“Lethal Thorns, Resurrected Witches, what could possibly go wrong?” – Kol

We are, all of us, monsters.” – Klaus (reminding Hayley) You go Klaus! Haylijah Truth teller!

“But Elijah has only ever done those things for family. And that is why he is the very best of us. He always has been.” -Klaus.

Marcel knows where his true friends, family and allies are: the Mikaelson Family! Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back.

I told you that book was no damn good! We only had mentions of Vincent, why? Where was he this week? Has the HOLLA finally taken full hold of him?

Hope you enjoyed reading my blog. Until next week. Feedback and comments are welcome and appreciated.

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