Wonder Woman (2017)

Hey guys and ladies and people of all ages today I’m reviewing a film that I feel was a true treat for me to see in theaters and in 3D. That film is Wonder Woman, and I’m so thrilled that I was able to see this film on opening weekend. This film has been one of the films that has been talked about coming to us for the last 3 or more years and after seeing this film I’m completely satisfied with it. Why am I so satisfied with this film? One its DC Entertainment Universe, and its an origin story that many women and men have been waiting for to happen in live action. Yes I’m talking about Wonder Woman!

So for those of you that don’t know about Wonder Woman’s origin’s this film is the perfect film for you all to see. Not only do they reveal the origin story of the character which there are so many comic stories on. But they also show you where her present day base of operations is at as well which is a pretty cool touch to put in a first standalone film.

I will say that director Patty Jenkins did a phenomenal job with directing this film, I know that Ms. Jenkins is indeed a big fan of the DC Comics character as well and I would have to say that she has done justice in bringing this film to life. I was so impressed by the story telling of the movie and how well it was done, it’s definitely a film that all comic book lovers and superhero movie lovers should see.

Based on the comics titled the same name, Wonder Woman takes you to a part of Earth on an island where only women known as Amazons live among it. As a little girl Princess Diana (Emily Carey [plays young Diana]) always wanted to be apart of the action and not just stand around and do what a princess is suppose to do. As Diana (Gal Gadot) grew up she became more and more ambitious to be a warrior but when Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) crashes his plane in the sea near the island Themyscira. Diana seeks to rescue Steve, but by doing so the Amazons are partly convinced that Ares the god of war is influencing the lives of men who invade their world and killed many of their warriors to do these acts of violence. When Diana chooses to go with Steve so she can do the sacred duty of the Amazons by killing Ares with the God killer, the Queen of Themyscira (Robin Wright) tells Diana she can no longer return. But what Diana doesn’t realize she will have so much more to deal with other than Ares, she has to deal with the Germans, Commander Ludendorff (Danny Huston), and an insane chemist Dr. Maru aka Dr. Poison (Elena Anaya).

As I’ve said before I truly loved this film, but one thing I truly loved that as appearance wise was Dr. Poison. The mask that only covered a part of her face, I was always wondering why does she wear the mask? Is it to cover up some kind of trauma that might’ve happened to her earlier in her life? Is it to be a symbol of fear? Like I said I was always curious and they never touched on her back story at all which since she lives in the film I have a feeling we might even see her again or even a descendant of her. I mean she can’t become immortal, I’m pretty sure in present time she would be dead since she lived her young adult years in World War 1. But I would love if Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment could do a spin-off movie showing what Dr. Poison did with her life after the events of this film. Or even a spin-off origin story of how Dr. Poison came to be!

As for Gal Gadot, I have to be honest when we first saw her in the film Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice. I was impressed even then by her acting as Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman and then when it came to this film. I was even more impressed by her acting; I truly believe this is the role that Gal Gadot was always meant to do superhero wise that is. She brings out the true heart of the Amazonian Princess when she acts as Wonder Woman and I love that.

For DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. if they ever feel like they need to take notes on how their future superhero films need to be like especially their origin story films, I would tell them to rewatch Wonder Woman because this is everything that fans have been waiting for a DC Comics/Entertainment superhero film to be like.

I rate Wonder Woman: 5/5 stars which in my book gives it an A++

Wonder Woman is now out in theaters!