Animal Kingdom (S02E02) “Karma”

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Anyone think robbing a church brings back bad karma on those who did it FOREVER say HELL YES? If you are planning to do it, be wary. I am with Craig on this one. (We know Smurf would not thought this is was a good idea. Unfortunately, she has been cut out of the boys lives for now.) Maybe they’ll think twice before doing this job, after all. Karma comes for everyone – even the ruthless. 

Burning Down the House.

If life teaches you anything, never do drugs and leave a burnt joint going on your couch. Especially when you are banging you’re brothers’ ex-girlfriend, Craig. Karma has weird ways of paying you back and you haven’t even done the church job yet. What happens? The couch goes up in flames! Followed by the curtains then little by little everything else. Nikki has to call Smurf to get a handle on the situation because she is high. Of course Smurf is the BOSS LADY and MAMA to call. Damn Craig can’t even wake up, knocked out cold on the couch. Nikki has to get rid of all the drugs and the gun first. Smurf walks her thru this like it’s a typical day. “Throw a bucket of cold water on Craig’s face that will wake him up.” Smurf (I LOVE THIS WOMAN!) So in control of a very stressful situation. Does she get any appreciation from her son? HELL NO. It is just expected. Grow up Craig, put your man pants on and start acting like an adult. Of course Smurf offers Nikki a place to stay at her house. Craig has to learn responsibility.


Yo quiero Taco Bell!

Pope stopped Deran casing out a bank and taking that risk to get the money he needed.. (How much do you love Pope? He is such a great brother!) He had another idea with a bit of less risk. They could rob this Taco truck, it sells expensive food on it. The haul is a lot of cash too.  He, Deran and Craig, could split it 3 ways. Although it’s a smaller job than they are accustom too, still get him the money they needed. I have to say, I loved watching this “come together bromance” scene, yet comical one at the same time! They took that food truck over, fought back minor gun fire and got exactly what they needed. We are seeing the truth of Pope’s character and how much he loves his family. He gave his share of the heist right over to Deran, no repayment necessary. All Craig wanted for his share he gave to Deran was a place to stay while his place gets fixed up.

Too Legit… Too quit?

Deran headed to the bar to make his cash payment. He is now officially a bar owner! Honestly, how will this effect his life going forward? How will he make the announcement to his brothers and Smurf? Will he still be in the “family business” with them? Will he go totally legit now? So many questions and so little answers… Honestly, I am wondering if Deran sees this as his way out.

Baz, Catherine, Lucy.

I am really starting to dislike Baz and I love Scott Speedman, I am such a huge fan. (Hopefully, this will all change sooner than later?) What is his deal? He is giving everyone the business? Treating his kid like shit. Poor Lena being watched by Smurf all the time, if not by the TV or even Lucy. (AWKWARD.) You treat you’re brother Pope like shit, berating him about never finding anyone to love him? What makes YOU think you are so easy to like. PLEASE Baz. At least Pope shows kindness, love and compassion for his family. The way Baz treats his other siblings like shit, poor Deran and Craig get treated like they are his servants not his brothers… I am under the impression he only treats Lucy nice because it’s a warm body to sleep next to at night . (AND I only say that for now. Lucy was the other woman, what if he finds someone else to replace her?)  Why are you like this Baz? You seem so self-centered, if it’s not about you, then you don’t care.

Pope and the church.

I wonder when Pope was in prison if he went to church or read the Bible a lot. Just an observation. Clearly he was moved by what he saw when he entered the auditorium when the church choir was singing ‘Hallelujah’. He sat there for the entire song, he also was checking out the woman on the stage who worked for the church. He was also looking at the tiding envelopes for donations. Man, you have to always give it to Pope, he is always thinking and with laser like precision.

Smurf, J and going to Mexico.

I left my wallet in El Segundo. (Only kidding. An old “Tribe Called Quest” song). It just reminded me of where they could be headed? Maybe? I fear this could only end badly. Why does Smurf want to pay respects to Manny down in Mexico, is leaving all of us baffled? How does she know him? What was he to her exactly? I do remember something, it triggered my memory when I watched last night. (SPOILER ALERT – DON’T READ IF YOU DON’T WANT TO KNOW THIS203c - Animal Kingdom (S02E02) “Karma”) Jay or Javier wasn’t he a cop? Didn’t he wanted to take down the Cody’s? Are these the same people? I feel like this can all end badly for Smurf and the rest of the Cody brothers. I wish that “J” wasn’t going on this trip with her.

Animal Kingdom Karma Favorite Scenes:

HIGH KUDOS and PRAISE to Ellen Barkin for the pool scene! Her reminiscing of when her boys where younger was absolutely touching and brilliantly done!


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