Beauty in Horror: Rob Zombie’s “Halloween” (2007)

 Beauty can be found everywhere…you just have to look. It can be found in horror films all over. These articles will take you past the jump scares and gore. Into the deeper end of the pool; to look at what horror fans see all the time

            A few weeks back, I saw someone on Twitter talking about Zombie not being able to write dialogue for a movie. The counterpoint was the breakfast scene in “Halloween.” The give and take between Sheri Moon Zombie and William Forsythe is priceless. It’s probably taken place in hundreds of homes, as cruel and brutal as it is. Daeg Faerch, playing a young Michael is wonderful, giving glimpses into what actually motivates his actions. Malcolm McDowell, as Dr. Loomis, is given some interesting lines, trying to be ‘hip’. The way Zombie told the story, taking us from the late 70’s to roughly the present day, though the time is not exactly stated, we are taken through the seventeen years Michael is hospitalized.

I love the way Sheri plays the victim, having lost a child at the hands of another of her children, yet she doesn’t blame Michael. She stands by him as long as she can, caring for his precious ‘Boo,’ Michael’s beloved little sister. Once Mom is gone, Laurie is taken in by the sheriff and raised with his own daughter as her sister. Again, we come round to the story telling…its rich and very layered for a “slasher flick.”

            Another beautiful thing you can find in this movie is the reasoning. Zombie gives Michael moral reasons to his killings. There are several scenes that were cut, and can only be seen in the director’s cut. Personally, I think if the scenes where left intact, it would have explained a lot of some of the dialogue. Example: when young Michael is sitting at the table with the nurse, eating lunch, he stabs her in the neck. In the version released to theaters, they gave no explanation; just let it stand as him snapping. Yet in the uncut version, we see the nurse holding Michael’s picture of his Boo. She starts taunting him, telling him he wears the mask because he’s ugly. That is the reason he stabs her, having had enough of her shit. There are several cut scenes that, if left in, would give people a deeper understanding of Michael. Zombie added Sheriff Beckett, who becomes Laurie’s Dad. This addition allowed another barrier for Michael to cross, and another point of view.

            Zombie took us on a journey with his “Halloween.” He didn’t exactly give us a remake. He gave us a real story. The movie was cast beautifully. After seeing it, we know only Tyler Mane could bring this version of Michael to life. The original will always stand as a beautiful entry into slasher films. Zombie’s version will stand as the year we got to know Michael Myers.