Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (S03E07/08) “Kimmy Learns about the Weather”/”Kimmy Does a Puzzle”

“Kimmy Learns about the Weather”

As much as this episode was funny at times, some was actually a bit predictable too.

“Kimmy Learns about the Weather” had some very good humorist story plots from Kimmy trying to get the local weatherman to admit that Hurricane Tammi might be overly altered about on television. But mostly it was Titus as his feeling about the cruise is coming more and more in his dreams and also thanks to a bladder medication product stealing his voice and using it in their ads.

Near the end, Titus’ feelings start to build up has he tells Kimmy about the cruise and describes it like a bladder and ends with a cliffhanger.

I mention that this episode was also predictable. That comes off of Lillian as she budded heads with Artie that ended up kissing one another. I had a feeling after their first meet that something like this was going to happen.

Overall, it was pretty good. There were some memorable moments, mostly from Kimmy and Titus from Kimmy telling the freaked out people that there wasn’t the storm of the century coming to New York. OR when Titus’ reaction towards the medication commercial after trying to get his boombox repaired and even talking to bladder from the television too. Scott Adsit as Dale, who impersonates Titus in the commercials, was funny. Overall, I give this episode a 7.5/10.

“Kimmy Does a Puzzle”

With a storm coming and Titus needed to let it out, he finally does.

“Kimmy Does a Puzzle” was hilarious as times and enjoyable too as Titus finally tells Kimmy what happen on that ship and screams it out that he ate Dionne Warwick, but that wasn’t the real truth.

Through the episode, Titus comes clean about eating Warwick but turns out that he was just seeing things. Kimmy tries to make her place like a bunker or funkier and be a more fun and enjoyable place while the storm pasts. But after Titus’ story, she tells him that she had a line and if he’s crossed it they can no longer be friend.

Kimmy tries to ask Titus once more and just lies again. Later on, as Kimmy tries get a game ready but missing it’s pieces, they finally played with a puzzle but when it lost it’s last piece it drives Kimmy mad. She figures out that Titus no only had that missing piece but also other pieces from the other board games and pushed over Kimmy’s line and she walks out.

Lillian talks to Titus about the situation and soon figures that they need Kimmy (as we all need a Kimmy in our lives). Titus runs to Kimmy as she’s at the Columbia campus staying with her teammates dorm. But Titus gets there and not only apologies and gives what Kimmy always wanted a high five and does a funny montage of it.

Overall, this was a very good episode that we see that Kimmy has a line that no one should cross it. There were memorable moments from Lillian telling Titus that Kimmy makes them a better person to even that high five montage.  Even Maya Rudolph was hilarious as Dionne Warwick from Titus’ flashback to the benefit concert she was given for New Jersey. Overall, I give this episode a 8.5/10.

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