Dark Matter (S02E12) “Sometimes In Life You Don’t Get To Choose”

Talk about a nasty family reunion.

After the help from Android, Four got his original memories restored and shows off his power to General Dragoe in order to get close to his step brother, restore his status as emperor and win in the war against Pier.

But his step-mother, who blames Four for killing his father the Empire, has taken control of the throne and put Four’s brother in his room on hold. But Four makes his way back anyway and does as he’s captured and put on trail.

Even if he makes his case on trail, he’s still would be a dead man walking, but his crew doesn’t leave him along as they try to rescue him. But they get captured as well expect for Five, who tries to get to Four’s step-brother.

But Android brings in the ship and demands for her crew’s release or she’ll fire on the kingdom, for which she did until Five brings in Four’s step-brother and stops everything and orders the arrest for his mother and her counsel and orders Four has the Empire.

But that all came down, when even the crew was surprised as Four ordered the death of his step-mother, step-brother and the counsel too and takes his name and empire of his kingdom.

“Sometimes in Life You Don’t Get to Choose” might have been an interesting episode, mixed with a deadly family reunion and some shocking moments. The build up was pretty good and thought that this might or could have been a two part episode. I’d enjoyed that shocking moment of when Four had his step-mother and step-brother killed.  Overall, I give this epsiode a 8/10.