Dark Matter (S2E13) “But First We Save The Galaxy” Season Finale

In the season finale, lives hangs in the balance.

The crew decides to preserve the balance of corporation galactic power by trying to prevent a bombing at the EOS-7 space station, in a way like a G8 summit.

Two and Three ask for Truffault’s help and she gets Five into the space station to help disable the bomb, but Four, the Emperor of Zairon, is there and he had also plans.

Five finds the bomb as it’s inside an Android and tries to help it but it decides to take it out of his own hands by bombing outside the space station.

Four and Arax goes on the Raza and shutdowns Andriod to find the device that is needed. But as Arax waits for Four, Nyx comes in and the two fight until Nyx is cut but also seems to be poison and left for dead and doesn’t tel Four about it.

Two tries to get out but gets knocked out from an explosion. After getting beat down, Three wakes up and sees a familiar face. Six is free after getting caught and tries to get out and Five meets with Truffault and tries to escape. Android stands by Nyx as the episode leaves in a  cliffhanger as the EOS-7 spaceship is exploding from bottom to top.

This was a very good episode and ended very good at a point that I didn’t want it to end. I would have thought that this would carry on from the previous episode but it didn’t matter at all. I thought that Five and that other Android was pretty good. But I couldn’t get enough of re-watching that scene of Three talking crap about the outfit he had to wear to go in the EOS-7. ship. Overall, I give this episode a 8/10.

The two hour season three premiere of Dark Matter begins tonight at 8/7c on SyFy