Dark Matter (S03E01/02) “Being Better Is So Much Harder”/”It Doesn’t Have To Be Like This” Season Premiere

In the season premiere of Dark Matter, it felt like a fast train of a premiere.

In the Part One, “Being Better Is So Much Harder”, the episode picks off from right where the season finale left, everyone is scrammed and safe while Four has the disk drive. The group faces not only challenges but life and death and remorse too.

Five and Truffault make it back to the Raza but coming with an attack and breached with another crew coming in and taking the ship over. But them and Android makes some badass scenes on taking them down, mostly Android with her surprise style that should be place in the classic file.

Three is caught, saved and brought to another area where he was handcuffed. But after saving the officer his life from the security drone, the two went their separate ways.

But Two and Six would be in trouble as their  ship had no power and was running out of oxygen. Two spares Six his life by leaving him out from the station so he could have more oxygen. She does this after getting the news about Nyx’s death and kind of blames her for it, but after talking with her in her dreams, her and Six were recuse.

As everyone was back together, had a family dinner (I did enjoy watching that scene), Two tells them that the plan would to get the disk drive back and kill Four.

That’s where Part Two, “It Doesn’t Have Be Like This,” as the team tries to find Four and his ship, Five uses the memory probe and finds out what ship it would be in by looking up Four’s memory. That would cost her plenty down the road.

As soon as the team fines Four, Two, Three and Six goes over and tries to get the disk drive back. But Four has other plans and comes in the ship as a clone and orders the team on the ship to use the drive which they did but it didn’t work to the way they were hoping as not only they were gone but in a place that they have no idea, where bright light is coming close to the ship if they didn’t find a way out.

Two and Three tries to reason with Four but nothing came and they try getting the disk drive and had to kill it get it back. As soon as they got the disk, they had a way out thanks to Android.

But that came with a cost as after the team got back, Android tells them that Five has suffered some major setbacks due to the use of the memory probe that has her pasting out and reliving past memories for which some of them would be gone but not until she learns that (Spoiler Alert!!!)…..she has a twin sister that was given up for adoption to a rich family.

Four does know about Nyx’s death and takes it out on Arex as she was the one that killed her in the first place. But I don’t think he would kill her as she was trying to help him in a way be stronger and less feelings towards his friends.

I thought that this premiere event was really good. Part One was a thrilling episode that had a lot going, I literally had to watch it twice to make sure I didn’t miss a thing. Not only thrilling but so entertaining that it really felt like a real TV movie. That scene when the troops where looking around in hopes to surprise Five and all until Android makes a surprise on them. Part Two was good as well. The performances from Jodelle Ferland, Zoie Palmer and Alex Mallair Jr were really good as they stood out the most in this premiere. Overall, I give Part One 8.5/10 and Part Two 8/10.

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You can catch Dark Matters Friday nights at 9/8c on SyFy.