The Originals (S04E11) “A Spirit Here That Won’t Be Broken”



The Originals (S04E11) “A Spirit Here That Won’t Be Broken”

Wow! What can I say last night’s episode was quite a stunner. We say goodbye to Micheal Russo who co-wrote the episode with Carina Adly MacKenzie. Produced by Talicia Riggs and Directed by Hanelle M. Culpepper. Now I must begin my recap.

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Kolvina Reunion.

Why is there always a catch to everything?

Betray your family or Save you’re girlfriend?

Kol goes with option #2.

We should have known. The HOLLA will kill Davina, if Kol doesn’t do her bidding. There isn’t anything he will not do for the love of his life. Kol has to work his dark magic to free the HOLLA and Davina… Tick. Tock. Kol has the TOTEM, that Bek and Freya need to kill the HOLLA with. Um hum. Who said this would be easy? We also find out “he needs a very powerful witch.” (COUGH** Hope** COUGH) So off he goes to the Mikaelson compound to see her. Kol talks to Hope about why he went away. “He was sad.” (Davina died!) He wants Hope to do the “Unlinking Spell” to save Davina Claire. “You love her?” Hope asks her Uncle Kol. “Yes, like you’re mother loves…” “Uncle Elijah?” Hope says. (“You are remarkably well adjusted.”Kol tells Hope!) BUT WAIT! Klaus is on the hunt for him and he finds Kol using Hope to do his bidding! Klaus wants to kill Kol, has him pinned down on the floor. “What if it were Camille? What if you could bring her back?” That stopped Klaus immediately, just bringing up her name, he lets his brother go. He understood what true love is. We find out a bit later on, the spell works. We see Josh, Kol and Davina together… Goodbyes are exchanged, these great friends just reunited but only “Till we meet again.” (This is “The Originals” after all) “Are you ready to go?” Kol “Anywhere.” Davina says. They drive off in Kol’s blue convertible, finally getting a happily ever after for now. We are rooting for you Kol and Davina.


Hope Mikaelson: the key to everything.

The HOLLA is out to get everyone and not stopping until she gets what she came for: Hope Mikaelson! Hope is scared for her Mom, that the HOLLA is going to come for her. Hayley tries to talk to her. “I was scared when I was your age, I had to do things I didn’t want to do.” Hope is such a bright girl and understands everything her Mother is telling her. Unfortunately, Mom and Aunt Freya have to go and kill the HOLLA to make things better for her and the family’s survival. “I sealed these with Hope’s blood. One for each of us. Once the totem is destroyed.” Freya says. Hayley’s can sense something is wrong with Freya “You okay.” Which Freya answers “I never thought twice about fighting or dying for family before.” Hayley automatically knew “Now you have Keelin. I have your back.” Family always has your back. I loved what Freya said next “Hayley, I know we don’t see eye to eye, I suppose family rarely ever does.” True that Freya true that, girl.

We need more female relationships on “The Originals”. I am so happy to see Hayley and Freya bonding. It makes me miss the early relationship of Beks and Hayley. Funny how things work out, we have Freley now.

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Hit the road Jack and don’t you come back no more.

Don’t worry about asking, you shall receive anyway. (Even if you don’t want it.) Jackson is back from the DEAD in a flashback or a nightmare? You decide. (I say Nightmare on Elm St.) Hayley needs to WAKE UP alright. The HOLLA IS GOING TO KILL YOU. How dare the interloper pry into Elijah and Hayley’s love life. BUT wait, this HOLLA JACKSON talking to Hayley. We must remember this, he is preying on her greatest weakness. Trying to get her to abandon Elijah and all the things she loves and treasures the most. Fight it Hayley, fight him! He is choking her to death. Then suddenly she sees Elijah choking her? I don’t agree with this nightmare. Elijah has never laid a hand on Hayley. It was only when she went to rescue a shattered psyche of Elijah that it happened. It was a ‘Viking Red Door’ Elijah of hundreds of years back. (A memory) This was not the present-day Elijah, who would walk thru the fires of hell to ensure Hayley and Hope’s safety and well-being. This man loves her more than his own life 1 billion times over, Elijah Mikaelson. What Hayley has been seeing is the HOLLA trying to separate her from the thing she loves the most besides Hope, her daughter. Everything else is a mirage. It is not real, Hayley needs to wake up and see the reality in front of her. Her real life and real love with Elijah Mikaelson. They need to be reunited and have a real chance at love and happiness uninterrupted!

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Freelin: Why use Keelin?

The HOLLA uses you’re greatest weakness to reach you. The love of your life, your family, you’re best friend. In this case Keelin dead with her throat slit. Poor Freya! She keeps banging down the door to get to Hayley. Meanwhile, HOLLA Jackson is torturing Hayley on the other-side. Poor Freya has her own stuff to deal with right now. Being tortured by the dead love of your life is not the ideal situation. It’s more like torture and hell on earth. HOLLA better stop messing with Freya’s mind like this, you girl are so much stronger than this! Freelin’s love will break thru the HOLLA. Freya realizes the HOLLA is using her most powerful connection Keelin against her, and she is able to break free! She pounds the door down and gets to Hayley in the nick of time. These girls have been thru enough for one day!

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Rebel the saga continues.

“Sonya is it?” Beks says to Marcel

Marcel and Beks will always be in love always and forever. They are covered in ash and soot, fight about how they have to resort to blowing each other up instead of actually being cordial towards one another. Beks says why don’t they just forget about each other. They try to shake hands on it but instead start making out in the middle of the street. Tell me that are not in love?

Elijah Rising.

This part bothered me a bit, Hayley should have been there when Elijah was being awakened. Klaus tells Freya that Hayley gave her the knife to give to you. Even Freya was surprised she was not going to be there. “Well at least you have someone to comfort you now. Where is Keelin?” – Klaus. Freya tells him “They needed family time tonight.” Klaus feels like there is something wrong. He was so right about that. “The HOLLA KILLED our brother for her own ends. It’s only fitting we bring him home.” Freya DAMN STRAIGHT Freya Mikaelson! I have to say I love her loyalty and she is an amazing sister to the Mikaelson family. #TeamFreya

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Hayley sitting on the dock of the bay with a six-pack.

Hayley having a conversation with dead HOLLA Jackson. (O-KAYYY) “I could never manage to give up Elijah. I met him at a time when I was scared and alone. I know that’s messed up. I never knew what love was supposed to look like. As for Elijah, I knew what I loved him despite of it. Or maybe because of it. I guess the truth is, I am a monster too, the truth is we all are… Except for Hope she is innocent pure, I guess I have to be brave enough to do it.” What is Hayley exactly saying here? We know she is in love with Elijah. That has been evident since the first episode, she is finally admitting they are all monsters, is she finally coming to grips with this? What is she planning to do? Hayley going on the run with Hope? Is she going to send her off to the “Harry Potter School of Sorcery in Mystic Falls”? We wait for next week with lots of anticipation in the air and lots of questions. We see the ending with Klaus talking to Hope.

“Every princess ought to know her kingdom.” – Klaus

We pan in close to Hope with the HOLLA EYES!

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