Wynonna Earp S02 E01 ” Steel Bars and Stone Walls”

If this first epsiode is any indication we are in for a wild ride on this season of Wynonna Earp!!

From the beginning of this epsiode it started out fast and just went from there.

The epsiode opens with Doc and Waverly running from a demon, the demon almost has them but Wynonna shows up and introduces herself to the demon in the only way she can!! The only casualty is Doc’s hat .

Next Wynonna heads to the police station to see what she can find out about Dolls, she finds Black Badge has shown up and taken everything from his office, but she know Dolls wouldn’t keep the really important information there. She then discovers where he has been staying and decides to search the motel!! Pay attention to the motel’s name!!

While searching his room Wynonna finds that there is someone else in the room, but this is no ordinary run of the mill cop, it’s Dolls old partner. After a quick fight that ends in a draw and some cute underwear.Wynonna learns her name is Eliza and she wants to find Dolls too. They agree to work together. While Eliza may not be dressed for the cold weather she sure does look good.

Next for Wynonna,Doc, Wayerly, Nicole and Eliza  they hatch a plan to free Dolls. While they may feel somewhat responsible becauseDolls defied orders to help the , it really can be seen that Wynonna Doc and Waverly are doing this because Dolls has become one of them and the respect and friendship for him really shines thru. Eliza has from the beginning shown that she wants to help Dollsbecause she genuinely cares about her former partner.

After arriving at the Black Badge HQ Doc Eliza and Wynonna get trapped in a stairwell. Waverly then goes into undercover mode to get them released . She finds the room that will release all the doors, but she hits a snag when the scientist named Jeremy also has demons in the room as well. She hits Jeremy  on the head draws blood and that releases the demons he had locked up. Waverly then somehow mind controls the demon, Waverly being possessed is going to cause some problems down the road!!

Doc finds Dolls and helps him escape but not before he threatens to use the dynamite he has strapped to himself. Dolls whispers something to Doc and asks Doc to to tell her. Then Dolls takes off and Doc heads off to find Wynonna. In the meantime Wynonna finds Waverly and very quickly disposes of the demon.

Our team gets caught by the Black Badge and while they can’t kill Wynonna the rest are expendable and that point was proven by shooting Eliza right between the eyes. I was really disappointed she was only around this epsiode she was fun to watch. No time to mourn as they are forced to sign to work with Black Badge in blood no less. Only then do our band of demon fighters limp off.

Only then does Wynonna get a minute to realize all that has transpired and the weight of everything starts to take its toll as she breaks down, but even then she doesn’t have time to mourn as she is called outside to see a key hanging on a branch and as she looks up there is Dolls saying good bye on the run now.

As we leave a claw comes out of the crate and ignites the dynamite . What is going on now? What has been unleashed now, what is up with Waverly, and is Doc going to get a new hat? This show continues to take us on a ride with its smart writing, a great cast that brings each charcter  to life with their unique sense of charm, feelings and actions.

It is the best way to start your weekend or end your week, however you choose, but whatever you do make time for this smart, funny , engaging show.

Until next week!!