Animal Kingdom (S02E03) “Bleed For It”


lol so true for animal kingdom june 15 17 - Animal Kingdom (S02E03) “Bleed For It”

In tonight’s episode there is a lot of things happening. Another stellar episode and this cast rises to the occasion!


Smurf and “J” Excellent Adventure.

And they call Pope the “wild one”, I beg to differ.

The roles in this universe are shifting at a faster pace than one would think. Should we call “J” and Smurf, the new “Ma Barker and son”? She has taken on “J” as her new prodigy. I am wondering if this “Come with me to Mexico to Manny’s funeral” was a test of some sort. They went to the funeral, Smurf paid her respects, (sort of) taking something that belonged to her. Smurf also taking something that belong to her from Manny’s room. AND what was on those tapes??? (What compelled Smurf to take a few of them with her?) Hum. Did the tapes have something really bad on Smurf? Did Manny have something on her? What gives??? We are left even more intrigued. The piece de resistance of the entire episode was Smurf sharing her story of how she met Manny. What they did together. He used her. I have to say, “J” surprised me. Taking Smurf hostage. They think they have something going here? Why do I get this bad feeling though… “J” should stick to doing jobs with his uncles…


Deran is legit.

Can you believe it, Deran’s is finally legit? Tonight was all about getting his liquor license. (Oh, btw if you have a RECORD, you don’t get a liquor license.) Deran mulls back & forth if he should grease the inspectors palms with an envelope filled with cash or not? Craig tells him to “pay him off”. (It’s not exactly the best idea but since he has a record, maybe he should?) Poor Deran having a crisis of conscience. It shouldn’t be this hard trying to go legit and “walk the straight and narrow”. The inspector shows up, shows up and Deran gets nervous. Wondering what he should do.  He has the cash. The inspector asks him a few simple questions. Deran was honest. He said when he was younger he got into some trouble. He wanted to change his life around now . The inspector told Deran he passed. He mentioned “You know how many people try to bribe me? Hand me money in an envelope.” Deran tried to laugh it off. He was extremely happy. They exchanged handshakes. The inspector told him he’ll have his license in a few weeks.

Deran, be proud man.


Pope and Amy.

I’ll be totally honest, I am happy for Pope. He deserves to have a normal life, date someone and to be loved and know what unconditional love is like. All the abuse he has taken over the years Pope deserves more. I am #TeamPope 100%. It seems to me Amy is walking into his life at the right time. They can be companions and possibly more. I also adore that Amy seems to love Lena. She is a huge part of Pope’s life. He’s more of a father to her then Baz is. (OUCH, that truth has to hurt – no offense Baz. You should be worried about taking care of your daughter, instead of the next job and your ex, Lucy.) I love the progression that these two are making. They are getting closer, Amy even shared that she had a child of her own. At first she was afraid if what Pope would think. He respects honestly and loyalty. I see these two becoming more as time progresses. Pope and Amy are going out on their first date! I can’t wait to see what happens next week. Remember, Pope, baby steps.

Baz, you are blind to the facts.

You are off to Mexico to see Lucy again? Oh, yeah to work a job right? Because you are a big man who doesn’t work under Smurf anymore… AND you had to see Lucy again. What about Lena, remember her, your daughter? Yeah, her. I love Baz but for a longtime now, his priorities are screwed up. He has put everything but his family first. He lost the fence he had thru Smurf so he goes and blackmailed the assistant of the fence? Do you think this is going to BLOW UP somehow? I really have nothing much else to say about him.



You need to break up with Nicky. First of all, she is your brother’s ex-girlfriend. Secondly, she is too young for you. Third, all you ever do is drugs together? (Oh and have sex.) So how is this good for either of you? Nicky has been left alone way too long in Smurf’s house, drinking all her booze, gets ballsy and brazen, confronts Craig. “I know about the Camp Pendleton job.” Oh Boy, watch are you going to do now Craig? You never treated her right and now she has the goods on all of you…


Bleed For It Random Thoughts:

Those tapes Manny had, he recorded he was remembering everyone… Does that mean Smurf and all the crimes they did together? Gawd knows what else??? Inquiring minds want to know.

Craig not dumping Nicky, you think that will eventually backfire?

What about Baz’s new fence for the church heist job? KABOOM.


I hope you enjoyed my blog. Until next week everyone.