Blood Drive (S01E01) “The F….ing Cop”

Starring: Alan Ritchson, Christina Ochoa, Thomas Domnique, Marama Corlett, Colin Cunningham, Darren Kent  Created by: James Roland


Well, well, well….someone finally had the balls to bring Grindhouse into a series. “Blood Drive” shows the influence of Robert Rodriguez’s “Planet Terror” and Quintin Tarentino’s “Death Proof.” That is a very good thing. Grindhouse is a gritty, who gives a shyte, in your face type of filming. You’re either all in or all out. It’s hard to love some parts and dislike others. That’s not the type of genre this is. To love it, you have to leave your morals, beliefs, and sanity at the door. Once you enter, there is no return.

“Blood Drive” pits car racers against each other…providing they can find the fuel they need. Blood is so much cheaper than gas, these days. In the first episode, we’re introduced to Grace (Ochoa), a hot mama who has no trouble taking what she needs. She doesn’t need a partner, but Slink (Cunningham) the twiztid master of ceremonies gives her one. Arthur Bailey (Ritchson), who also happens to be a cop. They are linked by electrodes implanted in their necks. Artie has A LOT to learn, but Grace is a great teacher. We also meet another racer, The Gentleman (Andrew James Hall). He is just that…a gentleman. He won’t *exactly* kill you, but he will take bits and pieces. Who will show up next on our radar? Tune in to find out.

This series is the first grindhouse series. It’s rude, crude and socially unacceptable. But it works on every. single. level. Just like Mommy (“Planet Terror”) and Daddy (“Death Proof”) Grindhouse, this offspring includes the commercials. You have to pay attention, because “Blood Drive” will sneak one in when you think it’s break time. Before the show comes on, Wednesday nights, 10pmest on Syfy, go pee and grab your snacks….and hang on to your ass. This is a ride that will go down in history. The writing is so on point…quick moving, smart-assed, nothing held back and I love it!! 

Do I like it?? Oh, indeed I do. Do I recommend it? Indeed I do. Is it for everyone? not in the least. This beast has reared its head and it’s thirsty. Join us and feed the need.