47 Meters Down (2017)

Okay when I first saw the trailer, the first thought I had was this movie is not going to be scary and its as hell not going to be as good as any other shark movie out there known to us moviegoers. Well I was wrong, this movie was actually pretty decent now there were some minor things wrong with the cinematography but I will get to that in a bit.  I actually have to say that I was very impressed with a lot of this movie it wasn’t scary but it did have its jump scares in places I didn’t think would have the jump scares.

The movie follows sisters Lisa (Mandy Moore) and Kate (Claire Holt) who are on a vacation away from life itself in Mexico. As the sisters are enjoying themselves meeting up with guys and hearing about wild adventures of the voyage of under the sea. The sisters are more interested in giving it a try themselves. They choose to go cage diving with the big bad great white sharks after hearing its completely safe from the guys they just meet Javier (Chris Johnson) and Benjamin (Santiago Segura). Once the sisters are in the water their cage tether breaks and they delve deep into the darkest parts of the ocean flood 47 meters down. The biggest question this movie asks is how would you survive the greatest predator of the sea?

Now like I said this movie had some minor things wrong with the cinematography and I’m not wrong. First thing I noticed is that whoever was in charge of most camera shots literally must have a ass fetish. Because most of the opening credits of the film was focused on Mandy Moore’s ass floating in the pool water. I mean seriously we must’ve been getting like at least 5 different angles of her ass just floating there while the opening credits slowly got to the opening title. Its like seriously if you have an ass fetish keep it to yourself cinematographers don’t bring it in as an opening credit. Another problem with the cinematography was theres one scene where Kate (Claire Holt) goes to comfort and find out why her older sister Lisa (Mandy Moore) is crying and when Lisa goes to explain why shes crying, the camera ends up zooming in so much to where your looking at both Claire Holt’s and Mandy Moore’s mouths and maybe a little bit of their chins but other than that nothing more. It stays like that for a good 30 seconds at least! Its like was the mouths suppose to symbolize as something because if so I didn’t get it. Other than those little hiccups I guess you can call them the movie wasn’t that bad, the editing could’ve been better.

I noticed in the editing, the cuts to each scene were pretty sloppy. Like most movies when they cut to a scene leading to the characters from sitting down to standing up they will use a wider shot showing the characters standing back up. Well when this film tried that they literally went from showing the audience Mandy Moore and Claire Holts mouths to a wider shot of them standing back up and the cut was horrible, I wanted to just cry because of that editing error.

Now I will say this, Claire Holt’s acting in this film was spot on, I’m really glad they had her character as the “diving expert” in a way in this film. And Mandy Moore’s acting was also really good in this film. I mean the acting in the film was great, the story was great, but what got to me was those little parts of the cinematography. I know that making a movie is hard work, I know that editing can be hard too because I’ve had personal experience with it. But still if your editor is having problems the least the director can do is help out or have someone else who knows about editing as well help out that would’ve been the better thing to do. But thats my opinion.

The film did start out slow but eventually it did speed up like a whole lot some would say it was light speed fast, I’m kidding on that part. But the only thing I didn’t like was that they were tricking the audience to thinking “oh its going to be a happy ending” and then last minute (because the CGI was horrible in the last minute part) its a big slap in your face with the director saying “ha fooled you”. Literally if your going to add something with unedited CGI don’t do it.

But overall, I would recommend you all to see the movie for yourself!

I would have to rate this film: 3/5 stars cause of those horrible errors of the cinematography!

47 Meters Down now in theaters!