The Originals (S04E12) “Voodoo Child”

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Another shock you right out of your seat episode brought to us by Chris Hollier and Michelle Paradise. Directed by Michael Grossman. KUDOS all around on another action packed episode!!! Shall we get started?
“Ain’t No Sunshine, When She’s Gone.”
We all know how the song goes, right? I think of them, when I hear it.
I woke up today and rethinking the events that happened in last night’s episode. They were significantly traumatic and gutted Elijah to his core. You could read the pain on his face. I have no idea what “vision” the show has for what Hayley’s character is turning into or what she’s morphing into. This is not the Hayley we have come to know. She as cold as ice and has totally shut off Elijah. As if it was done with a flip of a switch.
If anyone has championed for Hayley and Hope over the years, it’s been Elijah 100%. I am not accepting this retconn of the character so quietly. She needed a shoulder to lean on, who was there? Elijah. She needed a shoulder to cry on, who was there? Elijah. She needed someone to trust with her baby daughters life with, who was there, no questions asked? Elijah. Who loved her unconditionally? Elijah. Who told her she would not be forgotten? Elijah. This man has done everything possible to prove his love, undying devotion, friendship, loyalty and to be her everything. I have never seen such steadfast dedication. Yet, the one time Elijah needs Hayley to be his anchor, what happens? When he is down at the lowest moment in his life. The writers cry “THE ELECTION AND HAYLIJAH IS TOXIC”. That is such a lame excuse.
We saw another shrouded attempt of their destruction last night. Hayley reaction to Elijah. He tells her “I am on your side.” In which she responds “I should have never brought her back here.” OH the BLAME GAME on Elijah now??? He was trying to save his niece and YOU from the HOLLOW. Yet, you conveniently blame HIM for Hope being possessed by Andjou? This is selfless Elijah telling Klaus his wishes in last night’s episode. “I want you to take Hayley and Hope far away from this.” Again, Elijah, is BAD, BAD, BAD and only thinking of himself.  Hayley, what is happening to you?
We now move onto, “The ELECTION AND HAYLIJAH BEING TOXIC”. This really needs to be addressed. I have watched this show from the beginning. I find it very opportune that suddenly, the ELECTION has sparked certain people to use a Supernatural show with fictional characters, to promote their agendas. You can tell me if I am wrong and it’s no matter who you like, character, pairing, ships, but to confuse these two can be harmful and destroy a very powerful message. Who you choose to vote for and your political rights are your own in this country, but diluting that into a fictional show with fictional characters will only muddy the waters. You NEVER mix the two.  HAYLIJAH IS TOXIC? How is this so? They decided, the writers and TpTb decided to write the Red Door story again, they decided to have Red Door Viking Elijah (from hundreds of years back) choking Hayley. This is not Elijah of present day, that would rather cut his arms off than hurt his beloved. What is their agenda? The destruction of Elijah and Hayley. They want to tear the Haylijah fan-base apart? They want to pit Hayley fans against Elijah fans? They want to make it a ship war? (As if it was ever a question: Haylijah is the ENDGAME and Canon). Who knows what will happen? Who will remain out of The Original family? Will Elijah be alive? Hayley? Will they still be a couple? Will we have to endure another season of dangling the carrot? Is this to prepare viewers for Hope and Roman glittering off into the night. Do you want to endure more of this treatment? We don’t deserve to be treated like this.
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Little Fighter.
Let’s give Summer Fontana and Joseph Morgan a huge round of applause for their scenes! I was verklempt by the end of them. These two are so moving together. When Klaus was telling his littlest fighter “Hope, from the moment I saw you I wanted nothing more than to be worthy to be your father. I’m afraid without you I will go back to the darkness. So, I need you to fight.” – Klaus. “I will Daddy.” – Hope. They were sitting there just holding each other, Hope was clearly holding on and fighting Andjou. Klaus was trying his hardest to be stronger than he’s ever been for his little girl. How do you watch these scenes without the tears, tell me? Hope has really proved to be such an amazing daughter. She will be the one to carry on the Mikaelson family name, always and forever!
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The Master Plan?
There are so many key players involved with the “Master Plan” all to save Hope Mikaelson. Vincent, Marcel, Klaus, Elijah, Hayley, Beks, Freya, Keelin, I am sure I am forgetting someone.
When you are thinking of a master plan – why do they always have dire consequences? Why is that? Vincent went to the “other side” and he got the 411 and knows what has to be done. He has to die and so do four Original Vampires. If Hope is to live, all of this has to happen. What gave me the chills was when Vincent told them “If we go this route this is going to be the end of your family. This is going to be the end of  “Always and Forever.” Is this going to be fait accompli? I sure hope not. (No pun intended.) “The Originals” is not “The Originals” without Klaus, Elijah, Beks, Hayley, Kol, Freya, Marcel, Vincent and Hope. It would be really nice if they resurrected Cami if they did do another season. That is “The Originals” to so many of us fans of the show.
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Oh What a Freelin…
We all know the HOLLA brings terrible things with her. Andjou causes people to have doubts about their loved ones, terrible dreams, visions of them dead. We could go on, this witch does the worst things to the most powerful supernatural beings. I really feel terrible for what the mental tortured Freya is enduring. When she shares what happened with Keelin, my heart really went out to the both of them. “You are lying there, dead, your blood on my hands and I… couldn’t save you.” Freya tells Keelin (THIS IS FREYA’S GREATEST FEAR!!!) Keelin grabs her close and hugs her. “What is it you feel about me?” – Keelin. The next thing you know they are making sweet passionate love to each other. I always worry about star crossed lovers. The ultimate battle better not hurt our Freya or Keelin.
We say goodbye to characters we don’t love.
Marcel, Marcel, Marcel did you really love Sofya? (NO, cared for her maybe. LOVED, no) You all met for a hot minute and to call it true love, well it’s kind of hasty. (Don’t ya think?) She was more like a placeholder until your true love came back, Rebekah Mikaelson, ADMIT IT. We say goodbye to character we didn’t love, but loved to hate. Let’s give a shout-out to Taylor Cole, she did a phenomenal job playing Sofya. KUDOS GIRL.
“Voodoo Child” Random Thoughts:

  • What reaction is Marcel going to have when he finds out Davina is alive?
  • Is Sofya really dead? Andjou can’t use her body as a host again, can she?
  • Thank you Beks for giving Hayley the COLD HARD FACTS about real love and your brother, Elijah! You are an amazing sister. Always and Forever.
  • What ever happened to Eva and Vincent’s son? We’ll we see him in the finale?
  • Who will die and who will survive in the finale? So many guesses, so little time…

Than you for reading my blog. Comments and Feedback, always appreciated. See you next week after the finale.
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