Wynonna Earp (S02E02) "Shed Your Skin"

The second episode of Wynonna Earp is all about change. This epsiode starts to show us where our band of demon hunters are in the aftermath of Doll’s leaving and their induction into The Black Badge. As with any Wynonna Earp epsiode multiple story lines are happening and yet they all connect  together. Let’s get to it.
Wynonna and Doc in a shower together looks and sounds good until you realize Agent Lucado is in the same room talking about their last assignment.. That pretty much took care of anything romantic. However Lucado did offer some excellent advice, ” don’t touch the goo” it was the only kind gesture she made to them, but at this point you take what you can get.
With Lucado now running the team things are different and we don’t mean in a good way. She basically assigns Waverly to coffee detail, has Wynonna killing demons so she can get the hell out of town, and she wants to know what Doc brings to the table.
Waverly goes to see Nicole at the police station and while Waverly is happy to see Nicole, Nicole is still feeling the sting of being excluded from the whole joining Black Badge with your blood thing. However she does manage to tell Waverly about strange happenings at a new condo project, imagine that strange happenings in Purgatory.
With Doc nowhere to be found Wynonna goes to investigates there she finds an old high school friend who owns the building. She also finds a very strange looking pod. Turns out the pod has a demonic spider in it, and after disposing of said large creature Wynonna and Waverly know this is only the beginning.
Also Wynoonna is seeing Willa or at least she thinks it’s Wlla, whatever it is, it is not here to make friends.  It is at this point that Wynonna finds a whole room full of those pod carrying spiders and proceeds to destroy them all, so much for not touching the goo. When Wynonna and Waverley came walking out after the pod demolishing, it screamed yes we took care of it and yes we are bad, any more questions. No ladies we pretty much know you are it!
Meanwhile Doc has other things on his plate. Getting the bar up and running, finding out that Lucado has her own agenda where Dolls is concerned,  and bringing in Rosita for a job that has a lab involved. The man has definitely got more on his plate than ever before. The problem with all of this is Wynonna is in the dark and he doesn’t seem to have time for her or demon hunting.
Nicole and Waverly  make up and we finally get to see exactly how much they care for each other. Yes those two really like each other and that makes us like them even more.
Wynonna thinks she can burn Willa away but we see that she can’t, even if Wynonna doesn’t see it for herself.  Waverly was on her best behavior and no demon within her, it was our old Waverly til the very end. Exactly how good was that spider?
Once again this epsiode is putting our charcters  in new and unfamiliar territory, just where we like them. Their emotions and new roles have them a bit off kilter.
Wynonna is not a leader and she makes no bones about it, she doesn’t want to be. She wants to get these demons and move on. She wants Doc but he is not there physically or emotionally for her and she  can’t figure out why.  The scene with them at the fire was truly one of the most sincere and honest scenes that we have seen between these two.  For better or worse it has defined their relationship for now.
Waverly and Nicole, could you have asked for anything better in the make up department, it was sweet, it was romantic and everything we needed. For just a moment the world was good, no demons, just two people who really like each other, their words.
My laugh out loud moment when Jeremy said he could only relax with Doc. Doc kept going without missing a beat, only Doc.
I still want Doc to get a hat. How long can Waverly hide her possessed form, and what are Doc and Rosita cooking up in that lab?  What else is laying beneath that condominium that might bring even more trouble to Purgatory? Questions questions, but oh the fun we are going to have getting the answers.
Until next week.