Ash vs Evil Dead (S02E02) “The Morgue”

At the beginning of this episode, we see pictures of little Ash on the mantle in his family home (Fun fact: they are actual photos of Bruce Campbell as a child). Volare plays on the stereo and Ash’s Dad, Brock Williams (Lee Majors) is looking like he has a hot date. Lookin’ good, lookin’ sweet!
Ash, the Ghostbeaters and Ruby crash into the house annoying Brock. After all, Ash is just there to put some stuff in his bedroom. This interruption prompts his Dad and he to exchange barbs including a terrific aside about Ash’s Cyborg hand. This is a sly reference to Majors old series, “The Six Million Dollar Man,” where he played a half human, half bionic special government agent.
There are some deep-seated issues between these two men that have laid festering for three decades. Brock is bitter because he feels Ash left him alone to clean up the mess at the cabin. Meanwhile, Ash feels that his father never really cared for him and that he isn’t the son that he wanted. One thing he does make perfectly clear is like him or not, he is the guy that is going to save the world from the Deadites.
Ash, Ruby and the Ghostbeaters go up to Ash’s bedroom. While Ash is walking down the hallway, he starts getting flashbacks of his sister, Cheryl and the fateful night at the cabin. Once inside the safety of his former sanctuary, Ruby informs everyone that they need to get the Necronomicon as soon as possible. Turns out, she has hidden it in the Kenwood Hospital Morgue.
In the morgue, the attendant is busy doing an autopsy. He has his headphones on full blast. Behind him, we see one of the drawers open and something crawls out. The attendant thinks he hears a noise and turns around but nothing is there. He continues working.
Unbeknownst to him, a hand reaches up and grabs a scalpel. The lights go off and then flicker back on. This has the attendant’s attention. He notices that a drawer is open and a body is gone. Before he can do anything, his Achilles is sliced and then he is stabbed in the temple when he falls to the ground.
The Ghostbeaters and Ash are trying to decide their next course of action. Pablo asks Ash for the Kandarian dagger so he can guard Ruby and coerce her into telling him what she did to him with the book. Ash and Kelly head off to the morgue.
While they are sitting in the Delta, Ash spies Lillian Pendergrass (Carmen Duncan) walking up to his front door. She was a gym teacher at the high school and Ash boned her in the backseat of the “Classic.” He mistakenly thinks that she is coming to see him but when Brock opens the door and the two embrace, Ash says, “Not again.” Kelly attempts to find out what he means but Ash gives her the hand of silence.
The pair arrive at the Kenwood Hospital Morgue. Kelly tells Ash that she thinks they should have a story in case they are caught. Ash explains there is no need for that because he will be “like a ninja losing his virginity, quick and discreet.” Kelly is left to guard the door.
Ash is getting busy carving up bodies with his chainsaw. The entire morgue is now awash in blood, guts and other unmentionables. Back at Chez Williams, Pablo is quizzing Ruby on exactly how the book changed him during her weird ritual. Ruby, however, has other designs and tackles Pablo onto Ash’s bed so she can control the situation.
Finally, Ash hits pay dirt and finds the Necronomicon nestled in a corpse’s colon. Lucky for him, right? Kelly is bored and feeling a bit parched so she decides to grab a soda from the machine. True to form, the damn thing eats her money and well, Kelly being Kelly starts beating the crap out of the machine. She draws her gun to end the battle when Sheriff Tommy Emery shows up.
After spending an inordinate amount of time freeing the book from the corpse’s bowels, Ash starts thinking that the dead guy might have turned into a Deadite. He goes over to the table with his trusty boomstick and is attacked by the guy’s colon which has become infested with demon energy.
Sheriff Tommy and Kelly are exchanging “pleasantries” about the weird shit that has been going on ever since Ash rolled back into Elk Grove. Her patience being stretched thin, Kelly gets into a fight with him and head butts him into night night land.
This next sequence was the most talked about part of the episode on every form of social media. As luck would have it, Ash gets dragged into the corpse’s ass by the entrails. Yes, you heard correctly. Ash’s head is literally up the dead guy’s butt!
While watching this unfold, I was reminded of how good Bruce Campbell is at physical shtick. As he is flailing about the room, you immediately remember him beating himself up in Army of Darkness or wrestling with his hand in Evil Dead 2. Of course, covered in blood, crap and other bodily fluids, once Ash is free he grabs his boomstick and tells the corpse that, “This town is only big enough for one asshole and that asshole is me!” Classic scene that will be remembered and quoted for years to come, trust me.
Armed with the Necronomicon, Ash notices a tag on one of the drawers that says, “Lillian Pendergrass.” He opens it to find the dead morgue attendant’s body. The lightbulb goes on for Ash and now he has to get back to save his Dad from becoming Deadite man meat.
Will Ash and Kelly make it back in time to rescue Brock? Does Ruby have her way with Pablo? Will Sheriff Tommy ever recover his dignity?   Find your answers to all these questions by grabbing the Starz app free trial or another streaming service to enjoy this episode and more!