Animal Kingdom (S02E04) “Broken Boards”

We peel back a lot of layers tonight on the Smurf and her boys. Deran dropped a huge truth bomb on Smurf.  Our boy Pope went on his first date with Amy! Baz is trying to make a name of his own… J is learning the family business. Tonights episode was written by  David Michod and Jonathan Lisco. Directed by Emmy Rossum.
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Deran’s dilemmas .
Our boy Deran had a few obstacles set up last night for him to overcome: the bar opening, telling Smurf about the bar and coming out. Deran thought Smurf’s reaction would be worse than he thought.  As did his brother Craig, “You think he’ll lose her shit?” Forever the knucklehead but with good intentions. Craig robs a beer truck. They have tons of kegs for the “”Grand Opening”. Why does Craig have to do drugs at the new bar? He could have, done them at home before he left.
Plus he knows Deran will be having NONE of that, illegal shizzle. You will never guess who walks into the bar? BOSS MAMA Smurf! Deran tells her,  “Things didn’t go as expected when he told her about the bar.”  She answers, “I know.” I would say “Behave yourself Craig. I know that would fall on deaf ears.” Craig must be some kind of sexual deviant because he is in the back of the bar having sex with another random chick. (I mean Craig, man don’t you ever get enough?) Meanwhile, Craig is MIA, Deran is helping his bartender, his ex shows up! Yes, you heard right.  Smurf is cheering the crowd for Deran to give a SPEECH!
It was like something happened to Deran. He snapped it became white noise to him. He drowned out Smurf and her entire speech. She came there to steal his spotlight. This is his big night, his accomplishment. He worked for it! Smurf didn’t give him a thing. Yet she was standing there, as if she gifted this to him. It was not a few heated seconds later, Deran confronted his mother, “I’M GAY.” (BOMB DROPPED! JUST LIKE THAT.) “You never loved any of of us. It was always about you. Always about you.” Deran told his mother. In that very moment, I have never felt so bad for Deran. Smurf is so messed up. How can she do that to her child… Her son? She has a messed up way of showing her love. Almost warped in a sense. I do appreciate the bond Deran and Craig share. He reassured him that the bar opened and people came. They continue to repair the bar after closing. Good times.
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Pope and Amy’s first date.
First off, I have to say I am rooting for Pope! I really want him to be happy. He deserves it. I loved his shopping trip to pick out a shirt appropriate for their date. The sales lady tells him lavender would look good on him. I concur! He looked so handsome. They almost matched for there date. The honesty between these two is like a breath of fresh air. I loved when Amy  asked him, “What exactly does a property manager do for a living?” (I could hear Pope dying inside wanting to tell her what he really did for a living.) I was totally caught off guard when Pope decided to say, ” How do you live with yourself after what you did with your son?” (I actually did a WTF Pope sign to my TV. Like, man….What just happened?) This is Pope being Pope. The only way he knows how to be. Honest and he expects and he expects that same honesty in return. When Amy explained to him, she gets thru by watching him with Lena. Learning to grow and do better. Pope came out with came out with, “I was in prison. She (Lena) hardly knows me.”  They kiss! (Fireworks go off around them) “You can tell me anything.” Amy says to Pope. Could this be the start of something real or is this something for the job? I am just guessing that he didn’t tell his brothers about her, it is real. Since, they still plan on doing the church heist…
Baz making amends, sort of?
“I trained you, Baz. You are me.” –Smurf
As much as Baz tries to deny it. He is Smurf. He just can’t come to grips with it YET. He is selfish, controlling, power-hungry and obsessed with his family. He tries to regain control by going to Smurfs house but all the locks are changed. He can’t get in. He gets in touch with her, “He needs his tools to do a job.” (CHURCH HEIST).  He only cares about Baz. He wants to be the one running things. Smurf he cannot be that person. If he is, he hates it and feels out of control. Almost like he is lost. He gets this “brainac idea” for him, Pope, Craig and Deran to climb up some large crane to jump into the water into kayaks??? WTG Baz! You’re the man, you are spending quality time with your brothers. You still have not with your daughter. When will you learn to step up and accept responsibility? Poor J and Lena, no wonder why they feel like they do. You can’t even accept responsibility for your own kids. You can’t get your tools back? How are you going to get your life back together?? Never mind pulling off a church heist man?
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J learning the family business.
Smurf extends an invite to J, the one he has been waiting for… She discusses with him that she needs someone to do jobs with. It’s not the same kind of jobs the boys do, these jobs are different. These jobs are for someone who is smarter. Smurf takes J to these luxury apartments she owns. The lady who owns is named Janice Brown and pays 4k a month. She goes to explain to J she has more of these all in her name. (Shell apartments/investments/write-offs) It’s how she pays taxes, pensions, social securities, how she pays J and the boys! (Interesting foreshadowing, we are finally learning how Smurf runs her business.) Later on we see J learning “Quicken Books” for the new businesses. Nicky is hanging out with him, do I smell a rebound? It is not even 10 minutes into hanging out that Craig dials (or should I say booty calls) her, she goes running. SO STUPID. J, a word of advice from me, stay away from her.
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Is Smurf losing control of her sons?
“You just have to let them think they have the power and never give it to them. YOU TAKE EVERYTHING.” – Janine Cody
I found Smurfs conversation with Nicky quite unnerving. I mean discussing sex and drugs with your other son’s ex-girlfriend should be wrong? This is Smurf we are talking about! This woman is one “cool customer”. She has seen it all and lived the life for “better or worse”. She is schooling Nicky on how to “Take everything” from her son, Craig?? Does she think that little of him?  Or is she betting on her grandson to take it all. Interesting thought to digest as we wait for next week’s episode.
Broken Boards Random Observations:
Smurf is driving around with a gun. Is she paranoid Javier is going to kill her?
Do you think Baz and the unity with his brothers against Smurf will last?
How about Pope and Amy, you feeling them? I like them. #TeamPomy
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