The Night Shift (S03E13) "Burned" Season Finale

In the season finale, everyone is put on the line.
After being trapped in a rapidly wildfire, Scott and Jordan are forced to perform surgery in a farm. Jordan tells Scott that Annie stole the pills. The group gets turned around because of the fire. Mac takes his chance to save them while distracting the fire into another direction and when Scott gets back gets word that Mac has a brain tumor and Jordan knew that Mac had it and wasn’t going to make it.
Scott confronts Annie about the pills and tells her that she needs to go back to rehab.But she doesn’t want to go but he offers him going with her for support.
Paul’s father comes into the hospital and hopefully will get the hospital and the staff won’t get fired. But Paul and his father budded heads after a bad judgment on a patient treatment that lands him in surgery. Rick really was going to stick it up to the guy after confronting him about it.
Meanwhile, Drew and Rick go the distance to keep Brianna from her bio father and find some dirt on the guy and soon he drops the custody lawsuit and Drew and Rick takes Brianna home.
TC does what he can to not only get the supplies but to save Syd. He offers the officer to save the his son so he can walk again in exchange to getting the supplies. Syd’s condition gotten worse when performing surgery for the boy and TC had to step up and perform.
Paul’s father announces that he has bought the hospital, but with good news there’s always bad news and the bad news is that Topher gets fired. With Paul about the celebrate on the good news, he hears the news from Topher about firing and takes a huge stand against his dad and walks out along with everyone else, expect for Shannon because she doesn’t want to go back home.
Shannon and Paul confess their love for each other and Paul asked Kenny for the money that he gave to him back because of his father’s cutting off money from him.
And near the end, it ended with another season finale cliffhanger as TC and a well healthy Syd decides to go their separate ways but soon a bunch of missiles strikes the camp and leaving them hurt and unconscious.
This was a very good finale, kind of closed up chapters and opened up new ones. Overall I give this episode a 8/10 and the season 8.5/10.
The Night Sift returns tonight with two changes one Topher is gone and the other a new nurse is coming into the ER. Excited for the new season?
You can catch the season premiere of The Night Shift tonight at 10/9c on NBC.