The Mist (S01E01) "Pilot"

With this episode being the first episode a lot of people were having high expectations for there to be a lot of horror and possibly getting to know some of the characters. Well that does happen we do see the character development happen on point from start of the episode to end of the episode you start to understand a lot of the characters. This series is based on one of Stephen King’s short stories about a small town that becomes engulfed by a mist. However this mist isn’t what it seems to be bringing with it is horrors no man has ever thought of and brings out the darkness in all of the citizens souls.
With this episode we are first introduced to a military suited man named Bryan (Okezie Morro) who doesn’t remember who he is or how he even got in the middle of the woods. He’s accompanied by a dog that he hopes is his named Rufus. When Bryan first gets up he sees the mist already roaming towards the town. When Bryan and Rufus get engulfed within the mist, Rufus chases after something but ends up decapitated instead of catching what he was chasing. Horrified by what happened to Rufus; Bryan runs to town in a panic hoping the police would understand but instead lock him up for being a complete lunatic.
We are then introduced to Eve (Alyssa Sutherland) who just got fired from her job at the high school, only because she was trying to teach the students the importance of protection while having intercourse. With her being a parent, she hoped other parents would want the same thing to be done for their kids however with it being a small town people talk and hated the idea of Eve teaching it. When Eve tells her husband Kevin (Morgan Spectar) about being fired his first idea is to move to a new town but Eve hated the idea; knowing wherever she went the stories of her past would follow.  They both work hard to protect their daughter Alex (Gus Birney) of the horrors Eve had to go through when she was Alex’s age however accidents happen. Alex then reminds the two of them she has to get to the game to root on one of the popular football kids.
When the family gets to the game, Eve notices one of the mothers who got her fired being named as Mrs. Carmody (Mary Bacon) is staring at the family in disgust of how happy they look. Mrs. Carmody then continues to stare on at the game getting ready to start. We’re then introduced to Alex’s best friend Adrian (Russell Posner) who dresses like a possible bi kid but its hard to really tell at the same time. Alex and Adrian both start talking about how cute the football players look and how they should just enjoy the game and looking at their asses. After the game Alex is invited to a party Jay (Luke Cosgrove) is throwing later that night. Eve told Jay that Alex is not going to any party and so he understood. Going against Eve’s wishes Kevin tells Alex she can go to the party only if Adrian goes with her.
When Adrian and Alex get to the party they hope to have a good time, but instead it turns into the worst night Alex could have. Alex tells her parents that morning when shes at home she was raped by Jay, but doesn’t remember much because she was blacked out drunk when it happened. But Adrian witnessed everything; when Kevin takes Alex to the police station to file a report against Jay, the sheriff of the town is furious to think his son Jay had done such a thing. But plans on hiring a lawyer on the safe side; which doesn’t comfort Jay in his innocence one bit.
We are then introduced to Quinn (Laurie Murdoch) and Nathalie (Frances Conroy) when they see the mist coming across the river with nature unbalanced. Nathalie has a theory but wants to do research by picking up books from the library. Quinn tells Nathalie it would be faster to just go home and search the theories on the internet but Nathalie tells Quinn the internet wouldn’t always have the answers she seeks. Once Nathalie and Quinn leave the library that part of the town in already engulfed by the mist. When they try walking back to their house they are stopped by these kids insane out of their heads asking if they are real. Not knowing if Quinn is telling the truth the kid shoots Quinn point blank in the head killing him and then turns the gun on himself and kills himself. Nathalie truly shocked walks to the church.
The rest of the town is then engulfed in the town within seconds, trapping Eve and Alex in the mall. Trapping Kevin with Adrian and Bryan in the police station; when Alex goes to get into the mall she sees a boy dead with his back ripped out. Alex hurries inside to get to Eve. Trying to warn everyone in the mall, Mrs. Carmody doesn’t believe the daughter of a whore (meaning Eve and Alex) and walks with her son into the mist. Watching her son get ripped to part whatever is in the mist rips the bottom part of Mrs. Carmody’s mouth clean off. Mrs. Carmody runs to try to get back inside showing the horror that had happened to her but the creature or whatever it is wrapped itself around her and pulled her back into the mist.
Next episode: The Mist (S01E02):”Withdrawal” airing Thursday June 29, 2017