Director Tony Germinario: Making Bad Look Good

I got the chance to ask a few questions of Tony Germinario, director of the highly anticipated movie “Bad Frank.” See what he has to say about things.
What came first for you: writing, producing or directing? Which do you prefer to do?
TG:  I’ll always be a writer at heart.  That’s where I started and that’s what got me into the industry.  Of course now that I’ve directed, that’s all I want to do!  I think I’ll find it hard to hand my words to someone else to create my “vision” 
“Bad Frank” is a highly anticipated film. In your own words, how would you describe it?
  TG:  I would describe it as KICK ASS.  No seriously.  Bad Frank is about a guy who has impulse control disorder.  He screwed up all his relationships when he was young, with his friends, family, etc.  Years later, he’s medicated and is trying to repair all his relationships.  Just as he does that, he runs into his old boss and all hell breaks loose.
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How close is “Dirty Dead Con Men” to being released?
TG:  Close.  It should be released within the next year.
Would you consider yourself an indy filmmaker? I know a few people who would love to work with you and would fit in with some of your more gritter films.
TG:  I think I’ll always be an “indie” filmmaker.  I live in New Jersey and I’m about as far away from mainstream Hollywood as it gets.  I want to make smart, gritty films with the best talent, but I also have a business background, so a part of me is always looking to get the best product in the most cost efficient way and in the most interesting way, so I’ll always be indie.  And I’m happy to work with anyone who has the same mindset I do.  Work hard, make a great product, and leave your ego at the door.  Once we’re done filming, you can pick it back up again, but we got a job to do.
What film made you want to make films? Who has influenced you the most?
TG:  Clerks is definitely up there, so working with Brian O’Halloran on BAD FRANK was a thrill.  I’d have to say Kevin Smith and Ed Burns are two of my biggest influences, not only because they are able to do so much with smaller budgets, but because they’re both smart and witty as hell.  I was fortunate to meet both of them at book signings (Yes, I’m a big fan), and both couldn’t have been cooler.
Would you ever consider doing a compilation film, with other directors such as Grady Earls (“Preacher Six,”) Harrison Smith (“Death House”), or Chad Ferrin (“The Chair”)?
  TG: Why not?  I loved the Grindhouse movies Quentin Tarantino did a few years back with Robert Rodriguez.  I think that would be a lot of fun.  Give a bunch of guys some concepts, a little bit of money and go to town.  I mean at the end of the day, we’re supposed to entertain, so if you can bring a bunch of audiences together and create some magic, that’s fucking cool.
Would you ever guest direct on a tv show?
  TG:  Depends on the show, but absolutely.  Some of my favorite shows are Billions, House of Cards, Sneaky Pete, and I’d love to work with those teams.  And that’s just scratching the surface.  There are so many great ones out there, and I think it would be cool to bring my take to a show. 
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