Wynonna Earp (S02E03) "Gonna Getcha Good"

High School.  Those two words can either contain fun happy memories or it can conjure up demons, in this week of Wynonna Earp we pretty much know which one it is going to be. Happy memories just aren’t in the cards for Wynonna and high school. As  the epsiode opens Waverly is showing us just what a good cheerleader does. Her dance and cute uniform is everything and nobody appreciated more than Nicole, well except for the rest of us, how could you not like that.  Yes I could very easily see Waverly as the head cheerleader, prom queen, and valedictorian. Just as Waverly finishes her dance in walks Wynonna, takes one look at Waverly and rolls her eyes, and we know high school is a place Wynonna has no desire ever to revisit, but unfourntely back to high school she goes when a former classmate rips out his liver in front of the trophy case. I think it is at this point we realize this homecoming is going to be a little different.
Fast forward to Doc’s grand reopening of the bar and Mercdees and Wynonna together talking, for just a minute we see two women talking and sharing and it is just a moment of Wynonna having a normal conversation and it is at this point you realize exactly the toll of what she does has had on her life. You get to see it even more when Merceedes calls over one of their classmates named Perry, that Wynonna thought was a jerk in high school only to see maybe he is not such a jerk. Yes we can change and well a lot can happen in ten years. Yes we are about to find out what happens in ten years.Wynonna tracks down Doc and after a brief encounter with Rosita Doc tells Wynonna if she needs help with a case she has his undivided attention. I was so happy to see Doc make this declaration to Wynonna, thinking Doc would not be fully involved with Wynonna and Waverly well that just was not sitting right with me. Just like Doc still missing his hat. At least we got one out of two this week. There is always hope Doc gets his hat next week. A girl can dream can’t she.
In the meantime Perry calls and ask Wynonna out and Waverly seems genuinely happy for Wynonna even lends her lipstick. Which Wynonna put on but was completely unsure if  it should stay on or if she even really needed it, yes not sure a demon hunter has time for lipstick. Off she goes on the date. Waverly takes one look at the lipstick and eats it, yes eats it the demon possession is getting stronger in Waverly, not mention it causes her to have some very strange eating habits.  Our Waverly is changing bit by bit and the only one who is noticing is Nicole.
I was very happy to see Nicole hold her own this week. She is not just Waverly’s girlfriend, but a policewoman with  career goals and a woman with a strong sense of right and wrong.  Her anger with Waverly when Waverly came up and kissed her while she was on the job spoke volumes about how Nicole takes her job and herself seriously and she expects Waverly to take these same things just as seriously.  I am pretty sure possessed Waverly does not care.  Take the introduction of Tucker Gardner, he was truly a evil, creepy little guy. The phone under the cheerleaders was just as repulsive as those demons floating around Purgatory and Nicole knew that. The fact that he was released because of who he was had big impact on Nicole. While the Sheriff tried to explain it to her, Nicole did not accept it. Her disappointment  and frustration was palpable , and I was disgusted too. It was just another example of the rules being different for the rich and powerful. Something tells me though this story is not over, but then again is any story in Purgatory really over?
Wynonna tracks down  Perry and finally learns the real story,  Ten years ago Perry and several of his teammates made a deal with a demon that nothing but good things would happen to them but in ten years he would want something. Well the demon has come to collect, it is time for these guys to pay up. The demon it seems want vital organs that without them causes death. Oh deals made with demons are never good.
One of the stand out scenes for me when Wynonna ask Perry how well he done and Perry says Forbes list, Doc’s utter confusion with Forbes was priceless. Every week I become more and more enthralled with Tim Rozon  He continually adds another dimension to the character of Doc. We are really learning who Doc is.
While our team is off to find the demon, Tucker comes to see Waverly and well that just was not a good plan, but when he insults Nicole, well Demon Waverly just decides to strangle Tucker to put an end to him.  That was not a good move Tucker, we wonder if he learned his lesson. Something tells me Tucker is the kind of guy who makes the same mistake again and again because, well let’s just face it he does not think they are mistakes. She however stops short as she is attracted to his silver necklace .  You and silver Waverly I am beginning to think Demon Waverly is attracted to shiny things.
We then see Nicole with Skip, who she has locked up for drunk driving when the demon comes calling for him.  Once again Nicole doesn’t back down even though she is no match for his powers. Nicole doesn’t care,she is going to protect Skip at all cost, it is her job pure and simple. Now we all see what Waverly sees in Nicole and we all know that she is the right woman for the job. Our team runs in at the last minute and  saves Nicole and Skip. Wynonna gets the demon back in the trophy, but not before the demon says she can have anything she wants. The genie is back in the bottle. She could have wished for anything but she didn’t. Wynonna knows what she has to do, she may not like and sometimes hate it but at the end of the day she knows she has to do this. She is an Earp, there is no other choice. Actually for Wynnna it is not even a choice it is something she has to do.
Meanwhile Merceesdes is setting Tucker and her sister straight and telling them they are laying off  Wynonna and company and by the way Tucker you are cut off. A feel good moment of someone defending Wynonna is suddenly cut short by those pesky ladies in black. I was a bit disappointed to see Merceedes killed. She has a sense of humor that matches Wynonna and I liked the fact that there was someone in Wynonna’s life that wasn’t tainted by demons. I like to think the way this show surprises us with its  twist and turns she is not dead, but only time will tell.
Wynonna finally finds out what Doc is up to and while she is happy to know ,she is also little perturbed he did not tell her in the beginning. When Wynonna is a little less than nice about Rosita, Doc very mater of fact and very gentlemanly lets Wynnona know Rosita is no bimbo. Doc told Wynonna don’t judge a book by it’s cover, and who should know that better than Wynonna.
Once again I was completely taken in by the scene of these two when Doc was telling Wynonna why he was doing this.  There was no question why Doc was doing this,and Wynonna knows why he is doing this. She has no words she understands but she also doesn’t know what to do. Just one more thing that leaves her confused and with no answers.
Well now we know why Waverly is stealing all the silver, have to admit did not see that coming. Dolls is a werewolf, exactly when did that happen? How did Waverly figure that out? When did Dolls  come back or did he in fact ever leave?
Waverly  is holding him hostage and torturing him with the silver. Yep have to say that wasn’t what I was expecting. Oh Waverly the demon in you is getting bigger and meaner, how much longer before you can’t control it?  How much longer will it take Wynonna to realize something is wrong with Waverly?  Are they going to find Dolls? Is Doc’s plan going to work in time?
So many questions. Things are really heating up in Purgaory, and we would not have it any other way.
Until next week.