Ash vs Evil Dead (S02E03) “Last Call”

Ash’s beloved Delta 88 has been stolen by some errant teens and he is bereft. In the opening of this episode, there is an amusing montage of scenes featuring the “Classic” in Evil Dead and Army of Darkness. Heartbroken, Ash gazes at a picture of his beloved vehicle and gives it a kiss. It is quite clear that he is in love with his car.
While Ash is pining away, the teens that took the Delta on a joyride are partying hardy in it smoking pot and making out. Amber (Olivia Mahood) and Tyler (Taylor Barrett) are in the backseat enjoying each other while the Necronomicon is resting comfortably on the floor.
Lacey Emery (Pepi Sonuga) the daughter of Sheriff Tommy and Ash’s old gal pal, Linda decides to go for a walk with her boyfriend Blake (James Russell) and their friend, Marcus (Joel Hewlett). While they are getting fresh air, Amber and Tyler are getting hot and heavy in the Delta.
For some reason, Amber pushes Tyler away because she feels he is getting too intense. She spies the Necronomicon on the floor and picks it up. Of course, she starts reading from it summoning evil. This time it comes from the woods and slams into the classic’s trunk.
Immediately, Amber becomes possessed and she starts to jump Tyler’s bones. He is totally thrilled because he thinks he is about to be laid. Next thing he knows, Amber is going down on him. Caught up in the feeling, he fails to notice that she has turned into a full Deadite until it is too late and she bites his Johnson off.
Ruby tells Ash and the Ghostbeaters that it is time to go after the book. Ash tells her that he already has a plan to get the Necronomicon back. He starts rummaging through some of his paperwork and pulls out the recipe for a Pink F###.
Cut to the Elk Lounge, Ash is behind the bar with his best buddy, Chet Kaminski (Ted Raimi). Chet is explaining the ingredients of the Pink F### which entail spirits, nutmeg, other assorted items and the most important additive, Ketamine.
Ash and Chet give the drink to Kelly and Pablo who look dismayed and not at all interested in imbibing. Pablo does a hard pass on the drink but after getting harangued, Kelly downs it. She gets totally messed up.
At this point, Ash gets an idea to throw an epic party to draw out the car thieves. Ruby reluctantly agrees that it might work. Kelly on the other hand falls off the bar stool and hits the deck prompting Ash and Chet to holler, “K-hole!”
Lacey, Blake and Marcus come back to the Delta only to find the backseat soaked in blood and Amber and Tyler nowhere in sight. They open the car doors. Tyler emerges screaming from the darkness, his bottom half covered in gore. Before they can figure out what is going on, the possessed car slams its doors severing Marcus’ fingers and trapping Lacey inside.
Ash and the Ghostbeaters are hanging back watching the party that is now in full swing. Everything is going as planned until Brock and two of his friends walk through the front door. Aggravated, Ash confronts his father only to be told to step aside. Annoyed, he tells the gang that his Dad is going to be “a creepy old guy and scare all the cool kids away.” He asks Ruby to distract him. Ruby on the other hand, would rather kill Brock but she agrees.
Lacey is trying desperately to get out of the car. Tyler and Blake are trying to hide from it. The Delta stops suddenly. Tyler decides to book it and the vehicle takes off after him.
Ironically, the song “Vehicle” by the Ides of March is playing in the background at the Elk Lounge. Ash is trying to get some teens to play a drinking game. He is hoping that he can get one of the kids to confess to stealing his Delta or give up the names of the perpetrators. This backfires on him. However, he is distracted because Amber comes out of the bathroom in a very revealing top.
Immediately, she approaches Ash and starts flirting pretty heavily with him. Ash being Ash responds and they start happily conversing away.
Kelly approaches Pablo who is looking pretty worried at the bar. She startles him. He reveals to her that he isn’t sleeping because he is afraid he will be getting visions again. Chet hears him and starts telling him how to cope with them because he is an Iraqi war vet. His coping involves shots of alcohol.
Thoroughly disgusted with Chet, Kelly tells Pablo to just fight the evil. With admiration in his eyes, Pablo tells Kelly that she doesn’t need a boyfriend or a home to define her worth. What he says hits Kelly hard. Beneath her tough exterior, she is incredibly vulnerable and lonely.  Grabbing a bottle, she heads out of the bar telling Pablo that she is just being “impressive.”
Back with the Delta, Tyler is running for his life when he falls. Like a bucking Bronco, the car rears up and down several times. Before it can pounce on Tyler, it pauses in midair. Then without warning the wheel of the Classic comes down on his face grinding the flesh off.
Ruby is not having fun at all babysitting Brock. He is pulling out all the stops and coming on to her really hard. When he starts trying to crawl up her leg, she grabs him by the nose. Ash is witnessing this and steps away from Amber to find out what is going on.
He ends up getting into it with his father. Brock reminds him that he is a disappointment. Angered, Ash challenges him to a mechanical bull contest. Pablo tries his best to dissuade Ash from this course of action to no avail. Ash stays on the bull for 15 seconds before getting forcibly ejected.
Outside Ruby approaches Kelly who is drunk sitting on the curb. Seeing that Kelly is in a weakened state, Ruby recruits her to help kill her spawn before they can summon their father Baal. She does this by telling Kelly that she was meant to find her not Ash. The two join forces.
Brock is riding the bull now. He is clearly better than his son. Amber is obviously turned on by this display. In a gallant move, Brock pulls her onto his lap. After winning the contest, Brock approaches Ash and tells Amber that Ash was always a sore loser even when they played catch.
At his breaking point, Ash tells Brock that there are no winners in catch it is about bonding. This exchange was intense but also heartbreaking. Brock tells Ash that he will never forgive him for taking Cheryl away. The pain in Ash’s eyes is evident.
He tells Brock that he wanted him to believe in the monsters. In the heat of the moment, Brock tells him he did the killing and that it is time to face up to it. Fighting back, Ash tells him he left Brock behind because he was miserable. Then like a boxer delivering the final knockout blow, he tells his father that is why his wife, Ash’s mother left him.
Clearly this revelation stings Brock. Covering up his emotions, he informs Ash that he can’t be hurt and takes Amber into the bathroom. Turning around, Amber reveals that she is a Deadite.
Will Ash save his father? Does Ash reunite with his beloved Delta 88? Will Ash and his father ever reconcile?   Find your answers to all these questions by grabbing the Starz app free trial or another streaming service to enjoy this episode and more!