Animal Kingdom (S02E05) “Forgive Us Our Trespasses”

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I honestly had no idea the guys were doing the “Church job” last night. There was so many things I was caught by surprise by in last night’s episode. We have so much to discuss, shall we get started?
The Church Job.
It sounds so messed up when you say it that way, doesn’t it? Craig would not be the fourth guy on the job. He’s become a liability. It seems J has stepped up in a big way and proved himself worthy. He’d be taking his place. They had gone thru the drills and were ready to do the job, tonight! (Were you surprised as I was? They were going to do the job? I should have known better from the title of the episode) It would be Baz and J going thru the air shafts to get into the church and eventually into the vault room. Deran was working the outside cameras and security. Pope had to be the distraction who’d keep Amy busy.
I have to ask, were you as full of adrenaline like I was? This episode was full of high intensity!
J found himself in a perilous situation when he scraped his knee wide open, while trying to maneuver thru the air shafts. He had quick-minded Baz with him, duct-taped his injury before they moved on. They were close to the vent, popped it open and were in! When J ask if they would be able to identify him? Baz said “You’re not in the database.” (His DNA, J doesn’t have a record). Once they were inside the vault room, they immediately get to work drilling to open the safe.
They get the safe open and the money, OMG all the money. It is raining money. Their biggest job to date. We are talking $340,000k. They pack it all up, security is on it’s way and Deran is waiting in the escape truck. They get out of there before being caught. They meet at the rendezvous point.
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Wow! Pope and Amy: Pomy
I was not expecting to see what I saw last night, that was SOME distraction! (Foreplay will get you more play, anyone?) I am a bit confused with these two. I think at times Pope really likes her and at other times he is totally playing her. Is he with his brothers 100% on this job or is he with Amy? Pope can be a very hard guy to read at times. My honest opinion, is I believe that Pope is torn and Amy is changing him.  He does care for her and wants to be with her. He just can’t walk away from the life, which is going to cause a HUGE problem if and when she finds out the truth. (INSERT ANGST) I believe she will find out. I honestly have no idea if she will be able to forgive him or not.
Pope’s phone keeps ringing and ringing, it’s his Baz.  He reads a text: The job was a success! Meanwhile, Amy gets a phone-call. All we keep hearing in the background is “OMG, no this couldn’t have happened.” Girlfriend is upset!
Craig is going off the rails on a crazy train.
Craig, my main man, what is wrong with you? You are still drinking heavily, doing drugs and not manning up. You have to get a hold of your life. We have a jerked up Craig drugged and boozed up last night, wanting to be in on the job? Deran shuts him down. “You need to grow up.” Maybe it was a premonition that Craig had way back and it’s finally coming true. This was a bad idea. It brings “Bad Karma” wanting to rob the Mega Church. I say HELL YES! This is the beginning of things to come?

  1. The security guard, “Real smooth, Craig. He saw him leaving the parking lot. He can later be identified as a suspect in the heist.
  2. Then he goes to the beach, crashes his motorcycle and the police find him. Real smooth Craig. Drunk and High on drugs? The police can now identify him too.

Maybe he should have listened to Deran and Nicky and Hell, even his mother Smurf! He should grow up, stop being mad and take some adult responsibility!  Is this the start of bad things to come for the Cody’s? Let’s hope not.
Smurf and Javi.
I was totally flabbergasted. Smurf being kidnapped… I mean BOSS BITCH Smurf? Nobody puts Smurf into a corner. No one. Well apparently last night, Javi’s henchmen did. They rolled up on her threw her right into a van. It was headed for Mexico. He thinks he is going to extort $300,000k from her too? Try again, Javi. Never going to happen. You were better off just killing her right there. Smurf knows as everyone does, once you pay a blackmailer what they want, it will never, ever be enough. They will keep coming back and wanting more money. (Manny anyone? $5k a week? Do you believe it was really for his medical care?) Who thinks it’s best for Smurf to let Javi do what he has too? Let him go to the cops or try and come for her. I think option #2 Smurf will be depending on some heavy back-up. (The J and boys kind) Who thinks this might end badly?
J and Smurf.
“Once you decide to shoot, you keep shooting.” Smurf to J
J and Smurf conversation at the end of the episode last night to be quite interesting. What is Smurf’s endgame with J? She wants him to learn how to use a gun to back her up? So many questions… Why was J’s gun missing from his dresser after the “Church Job”? Why did Smurf take it? Is it to show she holds power over him? Or is she just going to start killing people? I bet she is mad as mad as Hades that no one picked up the phone when she was stranded in the desert with no way to get home. I think she’s preparing J for what’s to come. (The war with Javi/Manny’s people).  Smurf, I would love to be inside your head for 5 minutes to see what you are thinking.
Forgive Us Our Trepasses Random Thoughts

  • “They should do their best to avoid getting caught and to refrain from killing anyone. Pope interrupts and contradicts Baz as he said, “Unless you have to.”
  • Do you think Amy will find out about what Pope did?
  • Where is Lena?
  • Do you think Smurf is going to loose her mind under the pressure?

Thank you for reading. Until next week. Comments and Feedback are appreciated.
MANY THANKS/SPECIAL APPRECIATION: warningtothecurious via @tumblr for the J and Baz gif and the Pope gif in church!