The Mist (S01E02) "Withdrawal"

With this being the second episode it did a great job keeping up the suspense we all loved in the first episode. It also brought more mystery; but I gotta say I’m really liking this series and its giving us a lot more character development for each of the characters especially Eve (Alyssa Sutherland). I’m so far really liking the character development for Eve, because we are seeing her not just trying to be that loving mother but also a survivor through horrifying events.
Those who remember the movie that was made with the same title, saw also some resemblances in a certain scene in the end of the episode tonight. But I will get to those details in a moment. We also got the name of the government agency to blame “Arrowhead” mentioned throughout parts of the episode again. And we also saw that Arrowhead has agents undercover, but how many agents are really undercover in that little town? And how many of them know about what lies in the mist? And I’ll ask the question everyones wondering, where are all of the mysterious dimensional creatures of the mist? I know, I know all will be revealed in good time.
And I’m starting to think that Mia (Danica Curcic) might end up being way too much of a liability for the group to survive against all of these things happening in the mist. Especially with her withdrawals from always getting high all the time. And whats up with Bryan (Okezie Morro) and Mia both seeing the hallucination of Mia’s mother? Was it really the mist creating the hallucination? Or is there something else going on?
In this episode: Kevin (Morgan Spector) and company were still in the police department stranded no thanks to that idiot sheriff. But as the sheriff was driving down the misty roads he hits a giant buck whose intestines were ripped out by something in the mist. The sheriff runs away from the car getting to the church. While back with Kevin and company they prepare to wonder out through the mist to try to get to the mall but are stopped by insane carjackers which leads them to retreating to the church.
At the mall, everyone is frightened by what happened to Mrs. Carmody but just when everything seems to be safe a new discovery is made with a hallway of the mall already devoured by the mist. Gus (Isiah Whitlock Jr.) is then brought upon to bring the residents of the town trapped in the mall at ease and lock all the doors of the mall to make sure nothing else gets in. When Gus reveals theres an emergency radio in the hallway covered by the mist, Eve’s name is drawn out of a bag to retrieve the radio. But Even doesn’t go alone, shes accompanied by Clint (Mishka Thebaud) an undercover Arrowhead agent.
When the two run through the hallway to get to the security room, Clint goes for the radio turning it on trying all emergency stations at first. But then switches to stations not by the book trying to reach Arrowhead and mentioning Shadow 41. But what is Shadow 41? Its more of the mystery! When Eve starts asking about Arrowhead, Clint takes it upon himself to kill Eve or at least try to. But Eve uses her survivor skills and kills Clint but giving a fake story to everyone else about what happened to Clint.
By the end of the episode; everyone was going to sleep except for Jay (Luke Crosgrove) who can’t sleep and tries using the bathrooms water faucet for a drink but catches the eye of two undercover Arrowhead agents who hung themselves in the bathroom.
Next episode: The Mist (S01E03): “Show and Tell” airs next Thursday July 6, 2017, 10/9c