Killjoys (S03E01) "To Hell With The Hullen"

Johnny is gone on is own adventures. Aneela’s coming with her green plasma army, but fear not because Dutch and friends are on the hunt. Dutch (Hannah John-Kamen), D’avin (Luke MacFarlane), Alvis (Morgan Kelly), Pree (Thom Allison), and Fancy Lee (Sean Baek) are hunting down any agents of the Hullen. They manage to catch one, but he’s only there to deliver a message, the message being him blowing himself up and making D’avin wish they could just catch regular bad guys like the good ol’ days. But Johnny isn’t the only AWOL RAC agent. Apparently 437 have gone missing. Could they all have been Level 6? A new boss in town Banyon will make things difficult for our heroes while Turin (Patrick Garrow) is still in league with Dutch in order to fight the Hullen. Now we turn to Johnny who’s looking for Clara who has gone missing. He’s posing as a Mod because Mods don’t consort with Basics. Johnny is saved by Ollie who was knocked out and woke up with Alice on her. (If you don’t remember, Alice was the name Clara gave her awesome robot arm). They decide to team up to find Clara.
At the Royale, Turin gives Dutch and D’avin a secret assignment to help their cause. Pippin is the typical spoiled child of a Qresh family that deals on the black market because living in luxury is boring. Dutch and D’avin kidnap Pippin from a spa and ask him to help them save the world, to which he replies with a flat “no.” Johnny and Dutch have been communicating through Holo-Phone on and off, which is good because this show works best when our favorite main trio interacts. Johnny and Ollie go to a Hack-mod bar where Johnny is discovered to be a Basic. Ollie suggests that Johnny get a mod to make him an honorary member. Can Johnny at least pick which mod he gets? Ollie and Johnny do have some touching moments where Johnny says, “People keep leaving me.” My heart was breaking! Well Johnny gets a cool finger mod (insert several sex jokes here). Dutch manages to get Pippin to inadvertently help them get captured by some Hullens. There are some funny moments where the team is interrogated. D’avin and Fancy together, then Alvis and Pree together, gave me the giggles. This cast just works so well together. Their chemistry crackles on screen whether they hate or love each other. I’m waiting for a Alvis/Pree spin off! So it’s Dutch’s turn to be questioned.
Johnny and Ollie are confronted with a Plasma dude (which Johnny discovers by tearing off the guy’s face. Ew). It feels like the Hullen are going to be the cause of bringing our team back together. So Dutch is questioned by a Hullen agent and keeps her cool throughout (which is what I love about badass Dutch). The best line of the episode for me was when Dutch was telling the Hullen a story about monsters and the Hullen automatically assumes she’s talking about the Hullen; but then Dutch coolly replies, “You’re not the monster… I am,” then kills her. Dutch asks Pippin to help their cause against the Hullens and I think he will. They had a nice talk. Dutch used him, yes, but she had good reason and owned up to it. Turin summons Dutch and D’avin when they find a fleet of Hullen ships cloaked and they haven’t been able to open them. But D’avin manages to get inside one of the ships and disappears! Dutch reviews her messages with Johnny because she misses him terribly. It’s not a romance thing; it’s like when your brother that you’re close to goes away and you miss having that other half cheering you up and making your day and having your back. Johnny is the part of Dutch that reminds her of her goodness (even though she still views herself as a monster).
Still not a huge fan of the new opening credits, but I’m slowly warming up to them and I don’t rate a show based on it’s opening credits. I rate this episode with an A++!