Wynonna Earp (S02E04) "She Ain't Right"

One thing you can say about Wynonna Earp is that they know how to move a story along and keep things interesting.  However, sometimes when too many things are going on, it can get a little confusing, and you don’t get a chance to focus on some of the more important moments. Such is the case for “She Ain’t Right.” This epsiode covered a lot of ground, answered some questions, and raised even more. But it would be nice sometimes to have a little less going on and focus on telling the stories already there.
This epsiode opens with Waverly walking in the freezing cold with nothing but a nightgown. Even Wynonna has to admit this is not normal behavior. Finally.
Next we are immediately thrown into a situation where a BBD agent has a briefcase stolen by two demons. Oh, and did I mention the demons took the BBD agents hand as well? Yes, hand and briefcase are now missing. This leads Lucado to send in Waverly undercover looking for the briefcase, which begs the question, why? She has virtually no experience and Lucado doesn’t seem to offer any help. The fact that Lucado only cares about making herself look good to BBD tells you a little more about her. While she tries to present a professional front, she clearly has her own agenda, which is getting the respect back from her superiors at BBD.
After Waverly’s dawn stroll in the frigid cold, Wynonna is forced to admit there is something wrong, and after saying she was sorry to Nicole for not seeing it earlier, she finds another example of Waverly’s strange behavior. Reaching into the pocket of Waverly’s coat she finds a knife and Dolls’ dog tags. Wynonna then immediately heads to the barn. How she knows to go there is not clear, but hey, it is Wynonna, and I don’t second guess anything she does.
Wynonna finds Dolls, but he isn’t exactly the same Dolls that left. For one thing, his eyes are this strange yellow, and he is making all these strange sounds. But Wynonna finally gets his attention, and knocks him out with her gun; sometimes you have to hurt your friends to help them. In this case, knocking out Dolls was the better choice. The other involved the other end of her gun, something none of us wanted her to use on Dolls.
Doc and Rosita are trying very hard to come up with the right formula for Dolls when Wynonna shows up with Dolls. Now this is one of those times I was talking about, I would love to spend a little more time with Doc and Rosita. They have a past together and I am thinking it has got to be pretty interesting. In fact I am really beginning to think these two have got a story we would like to hear, but there is no time for that right now.
When Wynonna realizes Lucado has basically sent Waverly in alone, she goes in to save Waverly, but not before she does what we all want to do and knocks Lucado for a loop, literally.
Once inside, Waverly and Wynonna are taken hostage by the demons who think they know the combination to the briefcase. Of course they don’t, but you know demons, they never take no for an answer, which is probably why they are demons.  Waverly manages to get a text to Doc with the help of a high heel and Siri. I don’t know which one helped more but, trust me, I am going to try  that some day. After repeatedly asking for the combination, the demons decide to cut off Waverly’s hand. Doc shows up to help Wynonna and Waverly, and in the process he gets a hat. Can I just say that was the perfect way for Doc to get his hat? You’ve got to love a man who has style.
Meahwhile, Rosita and Jeremy work on the formula together, and Rosita is clearly attracted to Jeremy and his brilliant mind. But, alas, Jeremy does not see Rosita that way. We all know about that and have been there. He does a excellent job of letting her know that she’s not his type. Rosita then talks to Dolls, and for some reason, taunts him with the medicine. Dolls is having none of it and takes the medicine from Rosita. She then freaks out and locks Dolls in the basement.
Wynonna, Waverly and Doc come back to the bar and, before you can say give me a double, the demons are right behind them, and Waverly’s hand is back. Demons are dispatched courtesy  of a fire-breathing Dolls,  but not before a cryptic message that they did not know what was coming was uttered by the crispy fried demon.
All this going on and we have not even touched on what has happened to Mercedes. I guess the black ladies have taken over her and her sister’s bodies. Great. More demons to fight, but apparently Mercedes’s demon likes bacon. Good thing she is already a demon or eating all that bacon might kill her.
Wynonna and Waverly are back home and, after opening the briefcase and finding a decorative plate, Wynonna  is telling Waverly she is going to help her figure out what is wrong. Waverly goes into full demon mode. It really is not a pretty picture, and when she transfers the demon to Wynonna, it becomes downright ugly.
Wynonna’s a demon now. Say it ain’t her!
Well, that was a lot for one epsiode. Maybe almost too much. We have more loose ends now than ever before. I really hope Doc can find the medicine to get Dolls back to his old self. I hope Wynonna is not a demon for long. I am not sure that I could take a demon Wynonna for long. I need Wynonna to be well. There are too many demons to fight and, let’s face it, if she isn’t fighting them then Purgatory is doomed.
I want to know more about Rosita and Doc. I feel that there is a great story running underneath that we need to be let in on. What is going to happen with Tucker? That guy is just creepy, and he is definitely the stuff of nightmares. Why do I think serial killer when he is around?
So many more questions, but then again, what would a Wynonna Earp epsiode be if we had more answers than questions? It would not be nearly as much fun.
Until next week.