Preacher (S02E03) "Damsels"

For this episode we are launched into the tragic back story of Eugene (Ian Colletti). He has to relive his greatest nightmare over and over again–the day he lost his best friend and scarred his own face forever. When you realize that it was truly a series of unfortunate events, it makes your heart break for him. He was only trying to be a good friend and stop her from ending her life, which backfired in a way that fits with the premise of “Preacher.” As his plight is ongoing, it’s refreshing when his memories abruptly end, showing that he is a prisoner in a concrete cell. Hell is not what I thought it would be.

While Eugene (Arseface) is struggling with his demons, the trio is topside heading for New Orleans. It becomes increasingly clear that Tulip (Ruth Negga) does not want to go. She’s hiding something big, and it’s about to implode into their world. Jesse (Dominic Cooper) is determined to find god, and the only way is to follow the music and go into every known jazz bar in the vicinity. And Cassidy (Joseph Gilgun)? He’s just along for the ride at this point.

The stress of being in New Orleans is starting to get to Tulip, she’s paranoid and want’s to go into hiding. She bails on Jesse, who seems to be harboring some hurt feelings after the failed marriage attempt, but leaves her be. Cassidy joins her. A friend of his is awaiting their arrival.

Jesse goes out into the night on his own, hitting every bar and club searching for god. Failed attempt after failed attempt leaves him more frustrated. When the search seems to be futile, he gets a random tip from a bartender. He needs to seek out a singer; she may know something. With no other leads, he takes it and runs.

Cassidy and Tulip end up at a rundown place. It all seems very shady, but this shouldn’t come as a surprise. Cassidy’s “friend” is an old Frenchman, Dennis, but something doesn’t seem quite right. They enter the premises, and as the safety of the gate closes behind them, Tulip relaxes a bit. They had run into someone she knew earlier. Her presence was known and it is only a matter of time before Viktor finds her. She refuses to tell Jesse the truth; he would only make matters worse.

Jesse’s meeting with the singer (Julie Ann Emery) is short-lived when she get’s spooked by his mention of god. She is hiding something big, and makes a run for it, although her getaway was interrupted when the cab she was riding in was rammed and she was kidnapped by crazed religious fanatics. It seems that Jesse was there at just the right time and was able to swoop in and save her from the attackers, with the help of Genesis, that is. That’s when we find out that there are more out there that know that god has gone missing, and the more people know, the more they want them dead. It may not be the answers he wanted, but it was more than he had before.

This episode is a little more slow-paced than it’s counterparts, which is a nice change. We get to see more of the insecurities and fears that each character has. Tulip is the first one to break through and decide it is time to face down her fears and deal with her business. It is time to face Viktor.

In this series we learn that nothing is as it seems. As we wave goodbye to the lounge singer, we soon find out that she is working for a greater purpose. It was all a hoax to get Jesse to reveal the powers of Genesis. Now that they knew he was the one, things are about to get interesting. We are briefly introduced to Herr Starr. I am sure as the series moves along, we will get to see more of this other side.

Meanwhile back in hell, Arseface finds out that he is not locked in. Moving into the hallway there are cells as far as the eye can see. As he shouts into the emptiness, a voice answers him. As Hitler (Noah Taylor) comes out of the shadows, you can’t help but wonder what madness we are about to face.

The mayhem was to a minimum in this episode, but I am sure they will make up for it in the next one.

Rating: 7/10

“Preacher” airs on AMC , Mondays 8/9c

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