Ash vs Evil Dead (S02E04) “DUI”

Ash is kneeling beside his dead father in the street. He is pretty distraught. Pablo stands nearby to offer him some modicum of comfort. Then in a moment of complete vulnerability, which is unusual for our bombastic hero, Ash tells Pablo, “Fate is a cruel mistress. Everyone I have ever loved has been taken from me.” It is at that moment we realize how solitary Ash is and how lonely he must be.
He attempts to put his father back together again but isn’t having any luck. At this moment, the possessed Delta shows up with a terrified Lacey Emery in the front seat. Pablo tells Ash he is going to “take the bull by the horns.” He approaches the “Classic” while Ash stands in the background telling him not to do it.
Once Pablo is near the car, he sees Lacey inside. He reaches out his hand and the door opens. The car’s seatbelt comes flying out and wraps itself around Pablo pulling him inside. The Delta roars toward Ash who barely gets out of the way. It runs over his father again sending blood flying everywhere.
Chet Kaminski is about to get into his ancient Gremlin when Ash spies him and asks if he can borrow his car. Ash’s friend is seriously inebriated. He can barely stand. Chet only agrees to let Ash drive his car if they go to the strip club, Mammary Lane. To shut him up, Ash agrees. They jump in the car and take off.
Pablo is trying to steer the demonically possessed Delta without success. In the Gremlin, Chet is pounding beers. In a very funny bit, he notices Ash’s chainsaw. When he asks about it, Ash tells him it’s for “ice sculptures.” Chet then notices the boomstick. Ash tells him that he uses it for when people don’t pay him for his “ice sculptures.”
While Chet is clueless, Ash then comes clean and makes up a lie about Mammary Lane closing down due to asbestos on the poles and the girls getting rashes. Before we can hear Chet’s response, we are at the Crematorium again with Kelly and Ruby.
Ruby explains to Kelly why Baal has a hold over her. She tells her that he is extremely manipulative and seductive. She is fearful that she won’t be able to fight him. Kelly reassures her that they will kill her spawn so that she doesn’t have to deal with Baal.
In the Delta, things are going from bad to worse for Pablo and Lacey. The Necronomicon appears in the backseat and starts talking to Pablo, much to Lacey’s dismay. Trying to cast a spell over him, the book tells Pablo that they are intertwined. When Pablo looks in the mirror, he sees the cover on his face again.
This causes him to swerve, and the car ends up crashing. Pablo is impaled by a pole. In tremendous pain, he is dragging himself through the rubble of the car in the middle of the street. He sees Lacey dead on the Classic’s hood. Out of nowhere Ash appears and offers to help him.
He pulls the pole from Pablo. Then Ash transforms into a demon and despite Pablo’s protestations, forces him into the trunk of the Delta. Suddenly, Pablo wakes up and finds himself in the car again, proving he was merely having a hallucination.
Meanwhile, Ash is in hot pursuit of the Delta. He catches up to it and starts shooting at it. In another bit of comic hijinks, Chet and Ash wrestle with the control of the car. Ash asks Chet to take over while he hangs out of the window and shoots at the Delta again.
Tired of not getting answers, Chet stops the Gremlin. Ash tells him the abridged version of his quest to get rid of the Deadites. Chet wants to help him fight the demons. Ash turns him down but asks if he could drive him to the Smash ‘Em Up Derby so that he can retrieve the Delta. Although Chet isn’t happy about being rejected, he agrees to drive Ash there.
Back at the Crematorium, Kelly and Ruby are still hunting the spawn. Another quick cut to Ash standing inside the Derby. Then the action switches back to the Crematorium again just in time for Ruby to utter that she can “feel her children.”
Ash is walking the grounds of the Derby. He stops to taste some oil and immediately he knows the Delta is there. While he is searching for his car, the women in the Crematorium are freaking out at every little noise. At the same time, all of the lights are coming on in the Derby yard. In that moment, Kelly is attacked by one of the spawn.
Ash is being pursued by the Delta and he dives out of the way to avoid being hit. The vehicle charges at him again. While Ash is dealing with the murderous Classic, Kelly and Ruby are shooting at her spawn in the darkness of the Crematorium.
The Delta is doing its best to run Ash over. He chainsaws the side of the car. Immediately, the car stops and the doors unlock. Lacey and Pablo jump out of it. The Necronomicon flies at Pablo’s face and the two begin wrestling.
With a blast of the engine, the Classic roars into life barreling down on Ash. It hits him and he goes flying onto the roof. While this is happening, Pablo is stabbing the hell out of the Necronomicon. In the midst of the frenzy, the book stops him from doing that and tells him to send it back to the dimension from which it came.
Ruby and Kelly are still shooting at the spawn. Using her Kandarian dagger, Ruby stabs one of her children in the head. The other two offspring attack Kelly and send her into a wall. They immediately converge around Ruby.
Will the Delta kill Ash? Does the Necronomicon go back to hell? Do Ruby and Kelly succeed in killing the demon children?   Find your answers to all these questions by grabbing the Starz app free trial or another streaming service to enjoy this episode and more!