Killjoys (S03E02) "A Skinner, Darkly"

Johnny brings Ollie back to the mod bar suspecting his new friends actually set him and her up. But it was because they were asking questions on their behalf. They tell Johnny that once Ollie was well again that he and she should get the hell out before they bring more trouble. Cutting to some scene where two people get hot and heavy until the girl shows her true face… a pox mark cyber skin. She knocks him out (probably kills him) after screaming for him to stop looking at her.

Dutch and D’avin have a date… with a computer. Johnny’s more suited for the cyber stuff. They end up blowing up the computer to Turin’s chagrin. He decides they need to recruit RAC “nerds”. While Ollie’s in a coma the mods tell Johnny that he’s being chased by “skinners”. The “skinner” that we saw in the first few minutes of the episode goes to a corporation run by Nico, a high up Hack Mod who uses her leg mod to kill her just to tie up loose ends. Dutch and D’avin review scientists fresh from the RAC in order to test them. Johnny and Ollie infiltrate Nico’s company and find skinned bodies on hooks being sprayed with green plasma. Using severed hands Ollie stole, Johnny learns that Ollie is actually Clara who was skinned and given a new face.

Dutch and D’avin along with 3 new scientists go on a mission but contract a virus. The building sees them as a threat and will kill them. The scientists hatch a plan that involves Dutch in a hazmat suit, in hallway full of toxic gas and a control panel. Dutch almost dies but by working together (and D’avin’s aggressive prompting) the scientists reset the control panel and clear the gas. Yokie, Clara’s friend, tells her and Johnny that she changed Clara’s appearance because she was causing trouble when she found out what Nico was doing: skinning owners of hack mods. She even cleared her memory as a safeguard but she doesn’t know how to get Clara’s memories back. Nico raids the Mod bar and takes Johnny. Nico was a scientist who was owned by the old CEO of the corporation. She wants revenge on all Hack Mod owners. She’s using the green plasma to help preserve the skinned bodies. Clara goes to save Johnny.

D’avin and Dutch find a way out but one of the girl nerds went back and D’avin goes back after her. She rewires a computer but gets them all killed… or did she? Turns out it was all a simulation. The girl failed by Turin’s standards even though she figured out it was all a simulation. The private revolution gains two new scientists. Johnny gets free and calls the mods who come to put Nico down. Johnny tells Clara that the reason he hasn’t gone home is because he’s waiting for Clara to find a reason not to run anymore like him.

Clara decides to stay with the mods but pledges her support to Johnny in the coming conflict. Dutch tracks down the other RAC scientist and decides to recruit her because she figured it was all fake. They could use a brain like that. Meanwhile Johnny returns home to a happy Dutch and he says he found the rest of the green plasma map. Then we cut to Aneela with her signature black lipstick taking a bath in green plasma. Surprise twist? Delle Seyah has been injected with green plasma and is now Aneela’s guest/prisoner/new subject. Delle Seyah seems… kinda happy about that but then again she’s seeing a body double of her crush taking a bath so of course she’s happy.

This episode gets an A+! The costumes get better every episode, the action, the laughs, and characters were all tops. Wish there was more Pree, Fancy Lee, and Alvis though.