Real Housewives of New York (S09E14)

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That’s just one in a whole slot of things that happened in last night’s episode.  Bethenny and Tinsley seem to be bonding.  Bethenny actually apologized for being mean to Tinsley in bringing  up her old relationships.  Sonja and Luann went back and forth again about sleeping with Tom and Sonja’s inappropriate remarks about their past relationship.  The whole breakfast was about Dorinda “coaching” Sonja about how to act around Lu now.
After that Rabbit Hole of a breakfast, Dorinda moved out of the “bigger room” out of the Catholic Option, (her words) to let the madams have it.  Everyone but Dorinda went skiing, and they compared East coast skiing vs skiing in Aspen.
Ramona immediately started complaining that East Coast skiing isn’t as exclusive as skiing in Aspen (apparently there’s a vip skiing location, who knew) and complained the whole time, starting on Tinsley almost taking her out because she dared to ski within 50 yards of Ramona.  Apparently skiing in Aspen doesn’t make you that good of a skier.  After skiing, the girls met up in the lounge where drinks and gossip flowed.   Ramona immediately started flirting with the ski instructor.  Dorinda started asking him questions, and as soon as they realized they had anything in common, Ramona asked him to go get drinks for the group.  When he left, she told Dorinda, “He’s not being nice to you because he likes you.  He’s doing it because he’s getting paid too.”  Yet when he comes back, she goes right back to flirting with him.  Pot, kettle anyone?
Countess Luann seems to be making a comeback unfortunately.  Which is ironic, given that when she got married she became a commoner again.  She’s been bringing up being newly married every other word as if that gives her the right to be given special treatment.  She complained when she got to the lodge that the girls gave her the dungeon, and that she felt hurt because no one offered to give her a better room because of her newlywed status, despite the fact her husband wasn’t there.  She and Sonja went back and forth over whether Sonja should keep bringing up Tom (of course she shouldn’t, but lets be real, Sonja has no filter) and so that was a recurring battle between the two.
Then the dinner started.  As we all know, dinner with these women go crazy, fast.  They wanted to play a game, but Carole thought it was too easy to lie.  So Bethenny asked her to come up with a question as a test run and she said: “How old where you when you first had anal sex?” And twitter exploded.  Here are some posts from that discussion:
That’s a question you should never ask at a dinner table.  Ever.  Nope.  Don’t want the visual of any of these women having sex, let alone anal.  Thanks for that, Carole.  Now I need to stick forks in my eyeballs, scramble my brain, and pull it out through my nose and curse me in the afterlife because otherwise that image is never getting out of my head.  Thing deteriorated from there, believe it or not, and we found out Ramona doesn’t count oral sex as sex and Dorinda felt anal sex was unnatural, which a lot of people were pissed off by.
 Then it really hit the fan when #SavageDorinda returned talking about how Luann was bringing up being married every other word, which was a big turn around considering she was the only one of the housewives invited to the wedding.  So the conversation turned again to the fact that they weren’t invited to the wedding, again.  The dinner turned into Dorinda vs Luann, as Dorinda was going in on Luann’s holier than thou until Luann actually admitted she had been acting like that.  The ended with a corny toast and all were friends again.  Until next time.