Spider-Man Homecoming

With the long wait we spidey fans had to wait for Disney and Marvel to get the rights to Spider-Man back it was a worth while wait. Given that this is now the 3rd actor we are seeing take on the role of Peter Parker but you know what they say it takes 3 tries to get it right and by golly they got it right this time around. Not just with the humor and the witty puns that the character is suppose to always have but we also get an actor that brought something new to the character as well. I will get to that in a little bit though, I will have to admit though when they were in talks with Shocker and Vulture to be in the movie as the villains, the first thing that came to my mind was “how in the hell are those two going to get along?” Because anyone who knows Shocker knows hes a villain who plays with others okay but prefers to work alone and doesn’t always understand science kind of things. And then you have Vulture who is suppose to be smart but this version of the character was good too at least they didn’t have to go with the whole “Oscorp ruined my life” kind of story with Vulture for the movie.
So taking about 2-8 months after the events of Civil War, Spider-Man Homecoming takes us to the life of Peter Parker (Tom Holland) who ever since helping Tony Stark/Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) with the events of Civil War; wants to help with bigger and badder things. However Tony doesn’t want that for Peter, he wants Peter to go about things the right path and not the righteous and arrogance path that Tony did when he was younger. But Peter just doesn’t get it; he sees it as wanting to be more than just the neighborhood friendly Spider-Man.
Its up to Peter’s friends and the wisdom of the hot and sexy Aunt May (Marisa Tomei) to get Peter to that path. But when The Vulture (Micheal Keaton) with the help of Shocker (Bokeem Woodbine) bring chaos to the city, its up to Spider-Man to try to stop them and save the city.
I have to admit, when I heard that Marisa Tomei was coming in to play a younger and more attractive Aunt May (good lord that whole statement I just said is just wrong but yet so right, what is wrong with me?) I have to admit I was skeptical about that being a thing but when I saw her play the role in the movie though. She did a really good job it brings a new version of the character we all love with wisdom but they do kind of hint with the role that Aunt May doesn’t want nothing bad to happen to Peter especially after what had happened to well you know who. If you don’t know who I will say it Uncle Ben (no not the rice).
Tom Holland’s Peter Parker was a new version but its hard to tell if he’s suppose to be a sophmore or freshmen in High School for this movie. But they did give us a new version of the character with more to learn from his mistakes and maybe from his Spidey blogs that he crates too. But I really was impressed with this version because even though we had good movies that were given to us by Tobey McGuire and Andrew Garfield but we are given a fresher and newer Peter Parker with this version only thing is he hasn’t built up any Rogues Gallery until this film. But thats a good thing though because with this film being a fresh start and creating Spider-Man’s mark in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and with that being the first official mark in the universe we also got Spider-Man’s really, really old theme from the 1967 animated series which was awesome to hear that theme after all of these years.
The people we met of Spider-Man’s Rogues Gallery in this film was Marc Gargan (Micheal Mando) who eventually becomes The Scorpion, our main villain Adrian Toomes aka The Vulture (Micheal Keaton), Mason aka The Tinkerer (Micheal Chernus), and second main villain of the film Herman Schultz aka The Shocker (Bokeem Woodbine). Which I have to admit, I’m glad they didn’t have Marc Gargan suit up as Scorpion in this film because it leaves it open for him to come back in future films like possibly Spider-Man Homecoming 2 or Spider-Man Homecoming 3. More villains from the Rogues Gallery I hope they do use in the future films are Chameleon; for those that don’t know Spider-Man comics, Chameleon is a man who can literally change his form to any person only thing is Chameleon never has memories of the person he changes into. Another I think would be interesting would be John Jameson the famous astronaut who becomes cursed as the Moon Wolf. Although a really good master mind villain they could use would be Alistair Smythe who creates the Spider Slayers a group of giant robotic spiders that are built to kill Spider-Man I mean they are making it a trilogy only, so to make Smythe as a part of maybe part 2 and then the full villain with the Spider Slayers in part 3 would be a perfect way to set up the Spider Slayers story arc.
Will we get any of these villains as a part of the next 2 movies, we wont know until it gets to those times. But until then I will say this, that this opening film to the Homecoming trilogy was phenomenal. I truly loved this Spider-Man movie and with it already having a 94% on Rotten Tomatoes is impressive especially since it just released into theaters today (July 7th). If your a big fan of Spider-Man and his comics you will love this film! I highly recommend this film to be seen on the big screen!
Spider-Man Homecoming is now out in theaters!