Twin Peaks: The Return – Part 9


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It would be an understatement to open this review by saying that Mark Frost and David Lynch have done it again. In many ways they receive credit for changing the face of television in the early nineties, it is clear they have done it again. In the age of binge-watching shows every show attempts to be cinematic. Advertising throws this out and reviewers do as well. In many instances the quality of a show will result in this general conclusion. For something to be truly cinematic it should invoke the feel of cinema in general. The thing about cinema is that each story told their is in fact that one story (even each entry into the many burgeoning but few successful franchises). The idea being that if you split a movie off at around the 50 minute mark and left the theater. The suspense and idea to “tune in next week” would string less from that of  a cliffhanger and more from the viewer’s dedication to seeing a story all the way through. That’s what Twin Peaks accomplishes: it is less focused on having the cliffhanger. The cliffhanger is not lost as much as it is redefined. Imagine you’re reading a book but you have somewhere to be. Wherever your at in the book you have to close it. There’s a lingering feeling that is left with the reader and that is much in the same what a viewer of Twin Peaks: The Return will experience.
After last week’s mind-blowing episode we return to form or as much as one can. Bad Coop is walking along and heading to meet up with Chantal and Gary Hutchens as he seeks a new burner phone. After he gets it he types in a brief message to an unknown number something that will become important later in the episode. The message he types reads: Around the dinner table the conversation is lively. After a suggestion from Gary, Bad Coop and Chantal have a “wet one” and Bad Coop heads off with her. Where they go, who knows…

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Meanwhile back on the plane of the FBI, Diane and Albert try to sleep, but of course Gordon is on the phone. Gordon receives the phone call letting him know about Yankton Federal Prison in Buckhorn, South Dakota letting him know about the body of Major Briggs. They head there and Diane decides to take a smoke as Gordon says: “This is the waiting room (I see you David Lynch you cheeky trickster!) Diane attempts to check her phone later after it was blocked on the plane, and she is the one to receive the text message: “Around the dinner table the conversation is lively.” It seemed pretty clear last week that Diane had not seen Cooper in several years, So I am going to assume this is just an instance of continue tormenting of Diane. The idea that Diane might be a double-crossing the FBI is something that seems out of the ordinary. After all it was just a few episodes we met Diane–anything is possible.
When they eventually make it into the room where William Hastings has been brought out to talk, he tells them a lot of information. Ruth and William were having an affair in fact he loved her. William (Matthew Lillard) speaks an effigy of their love and he just wants to go to the Bahamas. He tells Tammy the story of how he entered the other zone (he calls it “dimension” and he met the Major (Garland Briggs portrayed by Don Davis.) He recalls this experience happening and pleads with Tammy that he didn’t kill Ruth there were so many people (The Woodsmen, perhaps?)
Gordon makes the connection that twenty-five years ago Major Garland Briggs knew Agent Cooper and they decide that something is going on and it will most likely lead them back to Twin Peaks.
Meanwhile, Bobby (Dana Ashbrook), Hawk (Michael Horse), and Frank Truman (Robert Forester) visit Betty Briggs. She says that she knew this day would come and explains to them her husband, Garland Briggs, told him the day before he died. This leads her to a chair in which she pulls a small cylindrical object and gives it to the trio. She claims that Garland saw this day twenty-five years ago and knew all of this would happen.
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Michael Horse (left), Robert Forester (center), and Dana Ashbrook (right). Photo credit: CBS/Showtime

They head back to the Sheriff’s Department and it is there that Bobby figures out how to open by throwing it on the ground (the vibrating metal sounds an awful lot like that humming noise at the Great Northern. They open it up and inside it says something about Jack Rabbit’s Palace, coordinates, and the time of 2:53 on October 1st and October 2nd. These dates are just a couple of days away from the current time period and Bobby knows of this Jack Rabbit’s Palace (it was a place that him and his dad used to go to have talks at).
For all the talk of Part 8 being the purest Lynch ever unleashed on television, Part 9 is what you might call “pure Frostian.” Having read some of Frost’s books and knowing his style in general, this episode screams it. From the one liners being delivered and the clues being dropped it’s pure delight. Lynch and Frost are quite the duo and each of them have such talents that a combination of their team-up is nothing short of electrifying.
We get a brief update on the Jones’s this week as Cooper/Dougie and Janey-E wait to be questioned at the police station. The police that was no record of Dougie before 1997 (no birth certificate, no social security number, nothing.) They decide to take the DNA off of Dougie’s coffee cup (please, please register as Special Agent Dale Cooper). It is also explained that Dougie was in a car accident twelve years ago, which helps some of the reasons for why people have been treating with such care despite his obvious struggles with everything.
We end the episode with Au Revoir Simone playing and Sky Ferreira digging at a rash in the armpit area. Also some shit about a zebra and penguin. Never leave me Twin Peaks.


  • We’re not going to talk about Lucy and Andy. We’re not going to talk about Lucy and Andy at all.
  • “What happens in Season Two?” Albert’s one-liners continue to one of the most exciting things to look forward to each week,
  • Hawk and I shouted “What the?!” at Bobby at the same time.
  • 2:53. Time and Time Again.
  • All these numbers are just as exhausting as they are intriguing.
  • The Search for the Zone is real website! And it has cryptic clues–imagine that! But seriously check it out.
  • Be well Twin Peaks fans we have nine episodes left and then it’ll be all over and imagine that many things will be left unsaid. I would just like to take this moment to say how great I think the Twin Peaks fan community is. Feel free to find me on Twitter because I would love to discuss the series!