Wynonna Earp (S02E05) "Let's Pretend We're Strangers"

Last week I commented on how there may have been a bit too much going on in the epsiode , well this was not the case this week. It was the kind of Wynonna Earp we have come to expect and love. A epsiode with one storyline and one common goal. This is the kind of epsiode that has made Wynonna Earp a must watch. Our team was back together, and less outside influences and side charcters were involved, which were starting to weigh the series down.
This week’s epsiode was to get the goo, and the demon that came with the goo, gone for good. We even finally find out the goo demon’s real name, Mikshun.
The epsiode opens with a man is being dragged into a room full of hooded men and one is holding a weapon, at first the man begins to plead but then it becomes evident he is a demon, of course he is. He is beheaded by the leader, who then asks who is ready for lunch. Killing demons must work up the appetite .
Then we get to business at hand Wynonna is possessed and fixing quite the breakfast, pretty sure that concoction would not be on my smoothie list. Waverly is tied up trying to convince Wynonna she is possessed , but well Wynonna is too possessed to hear her. Melanie Scrofano was a absolute demonic delight as a possessed Wynonna. Just the right amount of evil humor and terrifying when she wanted to be. However I am so glad that it did not last more than this one epsiode, just the right amount of a demon inhabited Wynonna. Any more and it might have become labored and bit tiring. We need Wynonna to be our whiskey drinking donut eating demon fighter. Not a pancake eating demon.
Doc and Wynonna take off to get to the bottom of the plate, while Waverly is left tied and gagged. However  Waverly is not alone for long as Dolls comes in, and after a brief conversation he figures out Waverly is no longer possessed and believes her when she tells him  the demon is now in Wynonna.
Wynonna and Doc go see Jermey to try and get to the bottom of the plate,it seems to have a seal underneath it and Wynonna recognizes the seal. It is on the building of Purgatory’s fire station. So off Doc and Wynonna go, but not before they stop for breakfast where Doc is a bit confused over Wynonna’s meal but as usual Doc just takes it all in without saying anything.
Just as Waverly and Dolls are getting ready to go find Wynonna and Doc, in comes Lucado demanding the plate. Well that just isn’t going to happen, so after a fight between these two, Waverly shuts it down and tells Lucado that Wynonna is possessed.
Visitng the fire station we meet Ewan for the first time,played by Brendan Fehr. He and Wynonna talk and our demon  possessed Wynonna was feeling threatened so she pulled a steak knife. Doc gracefully got them out of the situation, and then promising Wynonna some water they walk back to his trunk, and then Doc shoves Wynonna in the trunk, he knows that is not Wynonna.  I have to say I was so happy that Doc and Dolls were not fooled for very long in the repesctive situations. They both are smart, oberservent men. They have to be or otherwise they would have been dead a long time ago. I hate when shows take otherwise intelligent charcters and make them oblivious to something that is so obvious, it is almost insulting not to mention extremely frustrating.  I was prepared that I was going to have to scream at the TV for Doc and Dolls to figure it out, but thankfully that was not the case, kudos to Emily Andras for keeping our main guys smart, funny and sexy.
Meanwhile everybody gets together to figure out what to do about the pesky Wynonna being possessed situation. Lucado wants a sample of the goo, Dolls is working on a potion that will get the demon out of Wynonna, but first he needs to get a sample of the goo, he is going to do that how you ask? Well it’s quite simple he takes Wnonna’s pinky finger, I will say I am glad he didn’t say this is going to hurt me more than you, clearly not the case , but just like last week the pinky grows back.
Waverly goes to see Wynonna and realizes she can never defeat the demon, but Wynonna can so she uses the peacemaker to draw the demon back into her. Waverly then takes off, with Wynonna finally demon free.
Lucado looking at the goo and touches it, what does she have to lose, HQ not returning her calls, she has lost the plate, well turns out she loses her head, literally, but not before warning Dolls to get away. The demon  explodes her head, Lucado was not able to hold the demon in. I personally thought if anyone could handled being possessed by a demon it would have been Lucado. This just goes to show you, you never really know someone. Dolls and Doc finish up the potion . Doc makes the scarfice and gives up his flask for the cause. Off our three go to save Waverly.
Waverly has made her way back to the barn and the contraption she has built with all the silver she had been stealing, just then Nicole shows up and Waverly convinces Nicole that Wynonna is the possessed one. Wynonna and company meet Ewan and his group at the barn and after a few tense moments Wynonna heads into the barn to save Waverly.
Nicole is trying to protect Waverly but after Waverly tells Nicole to kill her, our smart beautiful deputy figures out Waverly is the possessed one. Don’t you just love how our demon hunting team never loses their smarts, I know I do. Wynonna tricks Waverly into drinking the potion and out of Waverly the demon comes.  If you never knew what projectile vomiting looked like, now you do. I know I have seen it, that is the only way a demon is going to come out.What a nasty looking thing it was but Wynonna and the peacemaker take care of it. The goo and demon are gone and everything is back to normal, wrong. This is Purgatory after all.
Dolls tell Jermey Lucado is dead, but Jermey has news of his own Black Badge is gone. Vanished not a trace left. In the meantime Waverly tells Wynonna the demon said it was a little crowded in there, so Waverly gives Wynonna a pregnancy test and what do you know Wynonna is pregnant .
Wow did not see that coming, I cannot wait to see how they handle this. On one hand a woman that has to continue to work while pregnant can be a great addition to the story, but it can also detract from the main theme, but given how this show has handled other issues I think we can expect some funny, serious and great story lines.
The question is who is the father? We know Doc and Wynonna have slept together , so is it Doc’s, I for one hope so, that would have some great moments attached to it. However we do know that life goes on in Purgatory while we aren’t there so that means maybe Wynonna was dating and we just did not meet him. Whoever it is  I can’t wait t see how this plays out. The only thing I don’t want to see is a demon or worse yet immaculate conception, that would be too much for the show and a cheap way out if you ask me.
I hope Ewan sticks around I think he will be a good foil for Wynonna and company. They may have the same goals but something tells me they are not going to have the same ideas on how to achieve these goals, could make for some interesting stories.
With Black Badge now gone, what does this mean for our team, how will Wynoona handle being pregnant while hunting demons. So many new questions.
Until next week.