Ash vs Evil Dead (S02E05) “Confinement”

Normally, when a series has an episode that features all of the characters trapped in one locale it is a sure sign that the show has “jumped the shark.” However, this is not the case with Confinement. Instead the feeling is more akin to the claustrophobic nature of John Carpenter’s The Thing.
The aftermath of the bitchin’ party that Ash and the Ghostbeaters threw at the Elk Lounge is what Officer Margie finds herself immersed in. She heads into the bathroom armed with her flashlight and gun only to find copious amounts of blood and carnage not to mention Amber’s headless corpse in the toilet.
She radios for backup. Unbeknownst to her, Baal has emerged looking like a naked Goth reject from a Nine Inch Nails concert. Of course, he approaches Margie and she loses all sense of reason. She starts taking her shirt off as Baal is luring her in. With a deft flick of his long black nail, he slices her back open while she screams like she is having an orgasm.
Our hero, Ash Williams is be-bopping down the street singing a made-up tune thinking all is right in the world. He stops in front of a store to check his reflection. In typical Ash style, he tries a sappy come-on line. “Linda from the moment I saw you, I realized you were one of the only Lindas for me.” Before he can truly enjoy it, Sheriff Tommy Emery appears and arrests him for the murder of Amber.
Ash gets thrown in a cell along with his buddy, Chet. Kaminski has been pinched for DUI and solicitation of a prostitute named Joanie. Joanie just happens to have the cell next to Chet. When Ash asks her how she is, she replies, “Itchy.” Chet chimes in with the same answer.
Baal/Margie is in the sheriff’s office when Linda Emery and her daughter show up. While she is talking to her husband, Sheriff Tommy, Ash can be heard yelling in the background about getting a phone call. Baal/Margie immediately responds that she will go and take care of him.
She lets Ash out to make his call letting him know that he has 5 minutes. Then with typical sass and a snappy retort, he replies, “I got 8 but I know how to make it feel like 5.”  Creepy whistling can be heard as Ash picks up the phone. He can hear that the line is dead. He hangs up and almost immediately, the phone rings.
Ash answers it. “Who is this?” Baal taunts him on the other end by saying, “They call you the Jefe? Let’s see what you’re made of.” With that, the phone goes dead.
Pablo, Kelly and Ruby show up at the station looking for Ash. Ash enters the room and tells everyone there is some “bad juju in here.” When he sees Linda, he gets very flirtatious and asks her if she is “there to break him out or in?” The lights go out and then they come back on just in time for Ash to be pummeled with Margie’s skin suit.
Immediately, Sheriff Tommy draws his gun and points it at Ash because he thinks Ash skinned Margie. With lighting speed, Ruby roundhouse kicks the gun out of his hand and tells him, “it’s not Ash. He’s (Baal) here.” Ruby has Kelly get the keys from Tommy so that the other officer can release the prisoners. She wants everyone in one room to observe them.
Ruby explains Baal is a body jumper. He goes from person to person using their skin. That way he can actively work to turn people against one another by breeding paranoia and distrust. Linda doesn’t believe what Ruby is saying so Ash tells her demons are real. Her daughter confirms it by telling her about the Delta being possessed and the Necronomicon. Sheriff Tommy has had enough. Filled with rage, he tries to take Ash out. Ruby stops it. But then, Ruby turns her gun on Ash thinking he could be Baal.
The only way that Baal can be killed is with the Kandarian dagger. The dagger is in the evidence room. Before Ruby can go there, Sheriff Tommy tries to get her gun. Ruby shoots him in the leg. She then goes to the locker to retrieve the Kandarian dagger.
While she is walking down the aisles, she stumbles upon the other officer who is cowering in the corner. Ruby finds the dagger and just as that happens, the pair are locked in the room.
Pablo grabs Kelly and Ash. He tells them he has a serious problem. When he lifts his shirt, there is a scary rash on his chest and stomach. He tells them it really hurts and that he might be Baal because it feels like something is trying to get out of him.
While Ash is trying to process this information, everyone starts arguing with one another. Chet and Kelly go at it, then Chet verbally attacks Pablo. Finally, Kelly has had enough and she waves her gun telling people to “calm down.” Sheriff Tommy does his best to convince everyone that Ash is the demon.
Ruby is still stuck in the locker with the other woman officer. For some unknown reason, the cop starts coming on to Ruby. They start kissing one another and the next thing you know, Baal steps out of her skin suit. Ruby goes to attack him with the dagger.
The two proceed to battle with one another. Baal is upset because he feels betrayed by Ruby. He also tells her that he will break Ash and then knocks her out.
Pablo is very sick at this point and he is vomiting while Kelly holds on to him. Sheriff Tommy attempts to kill Pablo while Kelly shields him. When Tommy pulls his gun on Linda, that is when Ash springs into action and attacks him.
While this is going on, skinned Margie has been reanimated and she starts attacking Ash. She kills Joanie the prostitute. During the mayhem, Linda disappears.
Is Linda still alive? Will Ash save her? Does Pablo turn into Baal? Find your answers to all these questions by grabbing the Starz app free trial or another streaming service to enjoy this episode and more!