Fear The Walking Dead (S03E08) "Children of Wrath"


And because we can’t get enough of this show, they gave us a second episode. All good things come in pairs right?
Let’s continue with the second part of the mid-season finale.
We definitely haven’t had filler scenes, there’s too much to talk about!
The episode starts with Ofelia’s flashback, back then when she was wandering all by herself in the desert. Suddenly she is being shot at by someone, and this someone is none other than Jeremiah Otto himself. It’s funny how everything is connected somehow. For a moment he seems nice enough to give her some water and spare her life, and we are like, okay, fair enough; at least he didn’t kill her. But the oh-so-wise Jeremiah isn’t that good.
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When Ofelia asks him for a ride or to take her to where he is from, he uses the line: “You won’t be comfortable there. There’s not many like your kind.” Ofelia asks: “What kind?” And He goes: “Brown people, there’s no use for you in the ranch.” FU** Jeremiah! Of course nobody likes a racist, and with everything happening right now, this topic is a serious matter. I think Jeremiah lost a few fans there.
Again all alone, Ofelia keeps walking through the desert, with no water and under the sun for God knows how many hours. She faints and starts to hallucinate her father. This hallucination in the form of Daniel Salazar tells her to open her eyes and not give up! Even as an imagination old Salazar keeps his daughter safe. With almost all hope lost, Qaletqa Walker finds her and rescues her.
So yeah, we see how Ofelia owes her life and loyalty to him, but still…
Then we go back to the present after Madison chased Ofelia. Let’s just say it again, “Don’t mess with Madison;” especially if you harm her kids. The older Clark beats her up a bit. Not getting a useful answer from Ofelia, Madison decides to go to Walker’s land and find out what kind of poison they used in order to save Nick and the others.
Madison wastes no time and confronts Walker, taking Ofelia as a hostage. He confesses to having used anthrax and tells her that if Nick is strong enough, he will survive. Also, we see some kind of recognition and regret from the Salazar woman. She didn’t know what was used to poison the militia, so she then realizes that she was tricked somehow and now she has become a mass killer.
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Walker lets Madison go. He knows she is a strong woman and a good leader; he does recognize that. Taka is not stupid at all. At least he has some morals and lets her go to be with her son. Luckily Nick recovers. You know, the Clark clan won’t be defeated so easily.
In the next scene we finally see another character and it’s none other than Victor Strand and his reunion with his beloved Abigail. Yes, the boat is still there, floating close to the shore. After taking down some walkers that were wandering on the boat, Strand takes a bottle of champagne and sits in the rudder and drinks away his sorrows with the bubbled drink.
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Still with Victor, we see him talking with someone through the radio and this someone appears to be from space, some kind of astronaut. Has Strand lost his mind? They have a casual conversation about the end of the world. At some point he seems to regain his reason and decides to take all the supplies he needs and leave the boat. But before saying goodbye to the yacht for good, he decides to give the boat a Vikings funeral. Yes, fire, fire, fire everywhere. Goodbye, Abigail, and thanks for your service!
Now let’s go back to the ranch, the Native Americans, and all that mess.
The Clarks had interesting scenes this episode, for sure. This is a complicated family and they have many things to work through. First, Alicia discovers that the Trimbols weren’t killed by the Indians. Nope, as we know they were killed by Troy and Madison, covered up for by Nick. This doesn’t sound good for the younger Clark. She asks her mother about it, but the older Clark tells her is not an easy task to protect them and keep the “good morals.” Also she lets them know that she and Nick don’t know half of what she’s been through. Yes, Madison is getting darker every minute, and as the episode goes on, we understand her more and more.
So they have another heart to heart conversation. In turns out Madison had to kill her father because he was a drunk man who beat his wife on a daily basis. A younger Madison couldn’t take it anymore, so she ended his life, and she confesses she would do it again in a heartbeat. As long as she is protecting the ones she cares about, Madison won’t hesitate to take action. This was definitely a change in the Clarks’ family, and now maybe the three of them can understand each other a little bit more and fortify their relationship.
Who would have thought this regular family from LA would turn out to be a group of badass survivors? (That’s character development, my friends)
After seeing that there’s no use in trying to get to a truce between the two groups, Jake, Troy, Madison, Nick, and Alicia are discussing what to do next, and also how to get back the water that Jake gave to them. And here comes the clever younger Clark.
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While she was a hostage at Walker’s camp, he told her about their traditions, their families, the relics they have, and how important these things are for them. So yeah, Alicia comes up with the plan of stealing this “trailer” full of antiques and relics from the Indians in order to negotiate once again and avoid the ultimate war. The plan was successful, and after making some fire there, they take the trailer and bring it to the ranch.
This episode was full of discoveries and revelations.
The clever Nick suspects that after all that happened, maybe Jeremiah Otto isn’t telling the whole truth about their history. He goes to the old house that was burned and digs up something. And that something was a skeleton. But who was that person?
Otto tells Nick the real story about the ranch and how they acquired those lands. According to him, the Native Americans sold the lands to Otto’s father way back, but the younger Indians weren’t happy about it, so they tried to take them back. Otto and the other founders killed those men, and two of those men were Walker relatives–his father and uncle.
Now we get Walker a little bit more. And let’s be honest, we suspected that Otto wasn’t telling the whole story since the beginning.
Madison meets with Walker outside the ranch and tries to make peace or a deal with him, offering the skull of his father that Nick found as a gesture of goodwill. Taka doesn’t believe her, or it’s just too late for that now.
So what are they gonna do? Don’t’ worry, Madison is taking over!
She goes to Jeremiah’s house to talk some sense into him, but the stubborn old man won’t leave his pride. He tries to convince her that Walker won’t take any deal, so they need to prepare and fight for whatever is to come. Madison tried; she really tried to reason with him. So she ends up telling him that she already had an agreement with Walker. The only way is for him to die.
At that moment we all thought that Madison was going to kill him, but she only invites him to leave his pride behind and save everyone by killing himself. Of course, he challenges her to kill him, if that’s what she wants. Madison just doesn’t need another reason for her children to look at her differently. But guess who ends up pulling the trigger? Nick. Yes, the Clarks are ruthless. Madison is quick to cover for him and pretend that Jeremiah killed himself. Later Madison gives Walker Otto’s head and it seems they found some peaceful ground for now.
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Everyone seems to be safe and sound, and we’ll have to wait and see the new dynamic within the Ottos and the Clarks, and the nation.
The scene I liked after all this was of Madison, Alicia, and Nick together watching the camp, and as I predicted, since the moment they put feet on the ranch, they were going take over.
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Once again, don’t mess with the Clarks, and find yourself a Madison if you want to survive the apocalypse!
Some questions we still have: What is Daniel Salazar doing?, Where is Luciana? And where is Strand going?
The next half of the season returns in September. Stay tuned and don’t miss what’s coming next!!