The Real Housewives of Orange County (S12E01) "Premier"

They’re back. The OG of the OC. Oh, and Vicky and the rest of the OC ladies are back to stir the pot in a way only they can and the show started with a bang.  After much speculation on Twitter and blogs about what the ladies have been up to, we finally see them in all their glory.
We start off by catching up with the girls, Tamra and Shannon, then Vicki and Kelly.  We quickly  learn what’s been going on in their lives since the show ended, and shade is thrown immediately by Vicki calling Tamra and Shannon old and disgusting while at her office with her minions, Kelly and her staff.
We then see Shannon in her new house with her new dog and same old problems with David, except she’s added (What she calls) a massive weight gain of 40 pounds. So she’s obsessed with losing it because she blames the weight for all her current problems with David.  So much for getting over cheating in 2 years. They seem to be running around in circles and Shannon was blaming stress from dealing with Vicki spreading the rumor l last year for the gain. She then posted a statement saying she does blame herself, and is trying to get healthier, but at this point, I don’t see anything getting better as long as she still has the same stressors in her life.

Then we switch back to Vicki and Kelly talking about how Shannon and Tamra did them wrong and what they’re pissed off about. Vicki said she hadn’t talked to Tamra since Tamra called her old and a con woman, which, if the shoe fits, is pretty factual coming from Tamra. Kelly said Vicki doesn’t owe them an apology, they owe her one so allegiances are becoming pretty clear, pretty damn fast.
We meet up with Tamra and Lydia, a blast from the hippy, sparkly, rainbow sunshine spreading goofball Lydia is, who have recently reconnected over Tamra’s baptism and newfound beliefs (which she never lets us forget). They hold a bible study which was as staged as any play I’ve ever seen, from the verses to Tamra talking about her daughter, again (by the way, Tamra never brought up they were having problems until after season 9, when everyone hated her for spreading gossip. Methinks it’s because she needed a sympathy card perhaps? Obviously, we never hear from the daughter or her ex so who knows the whole story). We see Lydia at home, with her new son and just see a happy, seemingly carefree life that Lydia leads, which always scares me because that usually seems to end in disaster on these shows.
We meet Megan’s new daughter, Aspen, who is absolutely gorgeous.
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We see that Jim is surprisingly hands-on as a dad, considering he didn’t seem to be very interested in the IVF process last season. Megan looks fantastic, saying it was easy to lose the baby weight (sometime’s life’s just not fair lol) and they look like a happy family, focused on the baby.
We see each of the girls individual home lives, we see Vicki with Briana, talking about how she misses Ryan and the boys are beating the shit out of each other, which we can all relate to.

We then see Kelly with her mom, who’s a firecracker and we can see what Kelly’s going to be at that age, Tamra and Eddie, who looks like he’s aged 20 years in 2 years.
Shannon and Tamra take Shannons daughter shopping for a dress.  Shannon talked about how she’s been buying clothes in her own size, that she’s not buying fat clothes, that that says you’re giving up.
Vicki and Lydia have lunch, and Vicki says Lydia’s always at DisneyLand, which is pretty accurate. Lydia immediately starts trying to scheme to get Vicki and Tamra back together, which we all know will never end well, especially for the person in the middle. Vicki tells Lydia about what’s happened in the three years since Lydia’s been on the show, about her hurt over being called a con woman, and Vicki ends the show saying, “If they’re nice to me, I’ll be nice to them, but if they’re mean to me, the gloves are coming off.”
So a pretty good start all in all. It’s nice seeing Lydia and her hippy, sunshiney, rainbow spreading ways back on the show.  Who knows, hopefully she’ll be able to bring some of the old hurts to an end. The lines are already pretty drawn in the sand, for Vicki and Kelly vs. Shannon and Tamra. Megan seems to be doing her own thing, so it’ll be interesting to see what side she ends up on. Let me know what you guys think!