Animal Kingdom (S02E06) “Cry Havoc”

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J and Smurf.
It seems lately ever episodes starts out with Smurf and a gun? Or is it just me? Smurf and a gun seem to go hand in hand lately… She tells J she “needs him”. J has to go to her immediately. She needs him to back her up on a job. They seemed to be “crazy paranoid” a few times as they thought  people were following them to their destination. Smurf made sure J was packing his piece in case they had to light a few people up. They get to this storage place. Smurf goes inside and gets some cash out of a warehouse (one of many) that hold her belongings. They get the hell out of dodge. Back at the house, J starts putting two and two together and asks her questions. She has to do this alone. She doesn’t want to get him or the others involved. She takes off with the 300k. Bad idea Smurf.
Smurf and her friend.
There are so many revelations being revealed and SPOILERS being DROPPED like BOMBS in this episode. Where do I even start? Smurf and her “friend” are at a hotel room. The thing is he wants to get paid for the job he did for her. This is the same guy she was with in the last episode. She tells him the boys aren’t coming. That it’s just them. Guess what? This guy pulls the gun on her. BOMB DROPPED! The next part is even worse because of who he is and what he does. 1.) He is Craig’s father! 2.) He ties her up and takes the hush money. He’s angry at Smurf that she never paid him. You know that Smurf threatens him! He leaves her there. She is like a female MacGyver, Smurf is tied up as she looks around for ways to free herself.  She’s able to get to the room phone by pulling it with the quilt attached with the phone cord. Meanwhile, J is trying frantically to get in touch with Smurf, but she doesn’t answer. Smurf calls Pope. (They had you wondering who she called. We should have known!) He shows up at the hotel. He frees her & then leaves.
Javi’s drinking while still waiting for Smurf. He stays with the crew and then they leave. This is not good.
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Pope and Amy.
I really love these two together, but I’m starting to sense the cracks.  The pressure from Baz, Craig and Deran giving him the business about the “job”, which I presume Amy was supposed to be. Pope should be moving on now… Instead he is falling in love with her and The Church. They have both resonated with him in such a profound way that he’s never felt before. Why should he hide it? He has to play a certain role in front of the guys. Yeah, that’s right!  He can’t let them know how he really feels. The flip-side of things, Amy was his alibi and she can’t rat him out to the feds. But if she ever figures out the truth… Maybe her love could turn into hate.  This is something Pope just couldn’t handle and you could see the look on his face.
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Deran’s Business Meeting.
“A pretty boy in a suit is no threat to a Cody.” – Deran Cody
Deran decides to attend a “Neighbor Business Association” meeting. He grabs some coffee and talks with the administrator  who runs it. There is a one time fee all members must pay to join, like an association fee. Deran doesn’t want to pay the fee. The guy indirectly threatens him with, “I’ll make your life a living hell if you don’t pay. (paraphrasing here) Yet Deran refuses and walks on out of there. Stupid move, if you ask me. Pay the fee and avoid any unnecessary confrontation, man.
 Craig Gets a Job?
I understand why everyone has a hard time taking Craig seriously, It’s difficult for me too. He is the kind of guy you want to root for and hope he gets his stuff together. Just when it seems like he has turned the corner, he flat-lines. He is just one of those guys. You keep rooting for and he keeps failing, but you just can’t ever give up on him. What happens? Nicky bailed him out of jail. She kicks him out of the car (Smurfs car) and tells him he is “irresponsible”. After seeing his mangled motorcycle on the beach! Craig realizes he has to start making major changes. He went back to his place and got ready to start looking for work! (Can you even believe this? A Real Job?) Not before sniffing a few lines of cocaine. He went to a restaurant and applied for a job. He had to do a urine test though. I have to say I was laughing pretty hard at this point. Craig takes some regular “Joe Schmoe” into the bathroom by gunpoint at the restaurant he was interviewing at. He tells him needs “his urine”. The poor man looked horrified. He gave him the urine and Craig left. This was only to get a job as a caterer for them to do another heist! Should have known better Craig was working an angle all along…
I am a bit disappointed in Baz  this week. He shouldn’t discourage Pope from finding love in his life. He is not happy for his brother that he has found happiness. He should be! Second, if Deran doesn’t want to launder money through the bar, then accept it. Two of your brothers are doing positive things despite the dark lives they live. Embrace them and it. Be happy for them as they would be for you.
Oh, Baz that cop that knows Catherine is onto to something. He is not going to give up until he knows the truth. It’s unfortunate you don’t know they entire story, yet.
J and Nicky.
Young love is so naive. That is the story of J and Nicky. They are starting to get close again. J is helping her with studying of all subjects “chemistry”. (As I roll my eyes) It’s just that I want more of for J. Nicky slept and did drugs with his Uncle Craig. That is just unacceptable and unforgivable. It’s time to move on J. Stay friends without the benefits.
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Sending Out An SOS: “J” Needs Help!
The next thing that happened had to frighten the hell out of J and Nicky.
Javi’s people arrived out of nowhere. Nicky is frantic looking for a place to hide. She runs to the closet. They are tearing Smurf’s house, apart looking for the money. J tries to be brave and gets his gun, but gets caught! (While Nicky is watching the entire scene play out.) Javi and his thugs are beating the living daylights out of J. Nicky makes a run for Smurf’s automatic. Good idea? NO! Only if you know how to use the gawd damn thing. Javi’s thugs grab it from her and throw her down. Only after J remembers where Smurf stashed some cash. They are literally torturing J at this point. Dunking him in the water and they threaten to kill Nicky. J then tells Javi about where the storage locker is and Javi takes off with Nicky.
Pope and Smurf show up and see the house in disarray. They go through the house and find no one. Smurf sees J and he’s completely out of it, but he tells them about Javi. Nicky gets thrown out of the van. Smurf tells her to look for a street sign. They left her at “Trailhead and Ash” which obviously means something. It’s where Smurf buried Javi’s father. Nicky is upset and Smurf is pissed!
Shortly later with his henchmen drinking heavily at the “spot” waiting for Smurf and her $300k. She never comes. Javi is not one to be made a fool of. What will happen next? The repercussions from this can only be like dynamite. Things are about be set-off in a major way.
Cry Havoc Random Thoughts:

  • Did Baz think he could buy Smurf off by giving her a cut of their church heist?
  • Pope seeing those SWAT Officers at the Church was a bad anvil of things to come? YES.
  • Deran refusing to pay his membership fee. Will that lead to more trouble for the guys? YES.
  • Is it me or how coincidental is it that the boys robbed $330,000k from the church heist and Smurf has to pay Javi $300,000 to keep him quiet for now? (Or is that BAD KARMA for the Church Heist like Craig said, remember???)
  • How cute was Lena in the episode!

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