Real Housewives of New York (S09E15) "Oil and Vinegar"

Last night was the episode before the big trip of the season.  Feelings were hurt, dates where had, and we learned oil and vinegar do go together.
The main story last night was wether Ramona was coming on the Mexico trip with the girls, and if so, what she’d participate in.  She and Bethenny, who organized the trip as a field trip to see where the tequila (because nothing can go wrong with this group and tequila) she uses in her Skinny Girl Brand was made.  The topic came up when the girls were in Vermont, and it came to a head tonight.  Bethenny and Carole were talking at Skinny Girl headquarters (seriously, these shows are all about self promotion these days) and Ramona and Luann met at a coffee house where Luann told Ramona to blame her actions on the booze.  Because a 60+ year old woman can’t take responsibility for her own actions.  I don’t know what’s going on with Ramona, if its alcohol blackouts or if she’s mixing some kind of medication with booze, but she always seems to have these blackouts where she doesn’t remember what she said or did the next day.  It’s happened so much this season that people are speculating she might be overmedicating to get over the divorce, which she also blames for everything going on with the girls.
Dorinda hosted a dinner for all the girls and the Mexico trip came up.  They started talking about the trip right in front of Ramona, looking distinctly uncomfortable considering she hadn’t been technically invited yet.  They start talking about plans at Luann asks if Ramona’s invited, and everything exploded in it’s typical fashion.  Luann, trying to be Switzerland again, was pointing out that they were all talking about the trip without addressing the elephant in the room.  Bethenny said she was still getting used to being at the dinner table with Ramona, considering before the Vermont trip they’d basically cut all ties.  Considering how fast they “made up” it feels like production must have stepped in and said if they don’t film together, they were in danger of being demoted.  Just speculation, of course, but that’s the only thing that would make since over the fast “make up” considering neither can stand to be in each others presence, yet Ramona is desperate to be included and make up with Bethenny.  That makes me think she was told she’d be in danger of loosing her apple, especially considering her irrational behavior the last few seasons.
Ramona went off on Bethenny again, demanding respect for herself, considering what she’d gone through.  She compared everything Bethenny had gone through and said she’d had it 20 times worse, classic narcissistic behavior considering the very next sentence, she was all apologetic, please forgive me, I’m sorry tour came around.  Then she said the title, “oil and vinegar don’t go together,” hence the title, and Bethenny says, that’s it I’m done.  Ramona goes on to talk to Sonja about the trip and Bethenny says “I’m right here I can hear you!”  She then says, “You’ve said some pretty nasty things,” and Ramona said, “I’ve never been nasty in your presence!”  Obviously false, and obviously meaning she’s been talking behind her back.

That was the main focus of the episode.  There were a few other clips, mainly of Tinsley and Carole going on a double date, and the girls packing for the trip, and that was that.  They showed several scenes from the upcoming trip, which, from past experiences, usually erupt in drama and chaos from the moment they land to the moment they take off.
So let me know what you guys think.  Is Bethenny being too hard on Ramona?  Would you have forgiven Ramona for the things she said?  Would you have invited her on the trip?  Let me know in the comments section.